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31% of Duell Partners betray with AP


Author31% of Duell Partners betray with AP
In the last weeks i did 16 Duelles on the Group Battle list because the Duell section isnt usefull anymore since lvl5.

My discription was quiet clear.
Lvl9->9AP lvl7 and 8 more

Well and what i got was the following 3lvl8 without the chance to Cheat and 13 Lvl 9 Players of witch 5 had more then 9AP. The lowest betrayer had just 13AP but the other 16 and more.
Everyone of these players where contacted be me in Battle Chat. Two apologized for it, two said nothing and the last one simply admited to cheat.

I know that it isnt forbidden but is that i nice way of playing together? I REALLY doubt that. For me its just sad that more then half of the Players on lvl9, witch isnt in the range of beginning accidents, betreyed to get an easyer win.

I hope this statistic will get better.

best regards

uhm, about topic: want fair play - create clan and organize clan battles with X ap.
Can gift free idea of name: The 9th company )
well, get used to it... we dont have rules for this case :)
we should have a choice while creating a battle to limit ap.
for all joiners.
so it will reduce cheating to huge extent.
playing such games is not fun at all rather it spoils the fun.
That's pretty normal. What really angers me is when they not only cheat by using more than min AP, but complain it's unfair for them.
Restrictions in battle description are no obligation. In other words, you can't enforce an AP limit in your games. But you already know it. And most people joining such a battle in full arts know it too.

1 - PvM games
2 - Everyone for oneself games (AP is less a problem, people tend to gang up against the "cheater")
3 - Blindfold battles
4 - Duels, you can always refuse an opponent
5 - Clan-only battles with a clan enforcing the battle restrictions or exposing the cheaters to a ban (like #145 Warriors' Guild)

AP limit makes it harder for people not enrolling enough in factories. But it has a side-effect of modifying balance between factions too. Barbarians for example shine in low-AP environment. This is less true for, say, Wizards...

The only real solution is to wear AP yourself :(
The Problem often extends masivly if you are playing Everyone for oneself battles because they join as a team.

And as i said looking at the Duel section is more or less waisted lifetime.
for Makkadihm:
i understand u pretty well, we've got the same problems. There is no way to deal with this on non-programming level; such situations will take place all the time. Try not to take it so serious.

The solution's simple: or get used to it, or organise a clan special for the purpose.
I can offer you only a little solution. If you want some fair duel you may also contact my team mates of Steel Dragon's Clan. I can assure you that they will respect every AP limitation. We have a lot of level 9 players.

A little help, but is always right for me to support those who like FAIR PvP.
OR the admins could just make an AP system for group battles.I don't think it will be a lot of programming and it will be simple as that:
you set an AP limit, nobody with higher AP can join the battle

It's simple and useful
Fair pvp? You mean against elf on lvl 5-6 wearing same AP?
Choose your arts, then go to battle.
Same AP doesn't always mean fair duel.
There is no point in AP limit.
Fair pvp? You mean against elf on lvl 5-6 wearing same AP?


You are refering to me? Please, put a link on a fight like that from my combat log...

Obviously a fair duel is between players of same level and same AP.
I second Vonemars comment a fair dusl is (usaully) same lvl and same AP

Also elves arent at a huge disadvantage against others...
Oh, now maybe I understand what he means! Thanks gell.

Blaze, nobody can force you to fight duels at level 5 and 6 if you think you are weak. But the level and AP system are here to help us having fair battles.

Lot of time, when I lose versus another player of the same level/AP, I watch my battle again and I try to find my errors. It works!
I wasn't refering to anyone.
But I think same ap and same level not always mean fair battle.
Nobody fights level 5 elves in duel because, even without any arts, elves beat other races easily on that level.
For me a fair battle is when both sides have a chance to win, even if it means that one side has more arts.
@ Vonemar
thx kind as allways. Allready had some rounds with serpav

Well i havnt done many Duels that Lvl but I think this two battles show that they are beatable.

Wiz+Demon vs 2 Elfs
As I wrote before, AP weight differently on each faction. Barbarians and Elves fare well in low AP environments: Druids deal lightning damage and cast stoneskin easily, and nothing resist a hit from Wolf Raiders. But magic builds (Wizard, Magic Dark Elf) are just hopeless under these conditions.
Bad example. Those elves are without arts, wiz and demon has a lot of + skills comparing to them. AND it is not a duel, it is 2v2.

On the other hand I haven't said elves are unbeatable, just that they win 8 times out of 10 with same ap on level 5. And imho that's not fair.
easier solution you get the option of removing the player from the battle you created so you get to choose whom you battle in duel
Wont say so the problem is not the game its the Players who betray
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