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Player is keeping TGI too long

AuthorPlayer is keeping TGI too long
I am renting TGI to Kadryl from more than 2 months:
05-14-09 18:34: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to kadryl . Transaction price: 1 Gold

He had reach only 1st TG level after almost a month after getting a TGI. Gave me TG art as in my TGI rent terms:

After that he almost stopped playing.
I should get TGI back and 1 TG art in addition, but it seems that that player will not do that.

Now I am asking game administration not about banning that player, because it dont be a punishment for him to lost almost inactive 8th level account. In my opinion it will be fair to punish him AND sending my TGI back.
3.17. The Administration does not take responsibility for the unreturned debts and does not guarantee compensation in case of swindling by other players. When a loan is not returned in time, (the time must be written in the transfer logs, no more than a month) the swindler will be imposed a penalty of a sum twice as much. If the term isn't posted in the transfer logs, the penalty will occur 1 month after the loan transaction. The creditor does not get compensation.

It looks to me the player is still active because he logged on today.

If you want to get your TGI back, I suggest encouraging the Kadryl to continue thieving so you can get your TGI back.

As Icorndogl quoted, the admins will not send you your TGI back. Good luck in getting Kadryl to complete TG2 and return your TGI.
Most probably you will lose TGI, and Kadryl will be banned.
I had this same situation (and several other players, too).
Look here:
not much u can do just talk with him, tell him that he would play a bit do it 2 and send tgi back, but best is to sell tgi in my opinion, the safest way :P
Thank all for reply
Hard0wn3r: do you have a machine of time?
Pantheon: do you think that I didnt do that?

Paragraph 3.17 is very strange from a justice side. In normal world judgement is is defending victims from criminals. Here we have an example of strange politics: criminals are inviolable, victims coudnt count for justice.
Maybe judgement in Russia works on another law definitions: 'if you are a victim of criminal its your problem'? In most sides of world law protects victims.

3.17 could have a sense in one case: if an object will be a real money. Game developers often add similar paragraphs: 'we dont give money back'.
But here an object is virtual, its just a mySQL table record, nothing more.
It isnt more work for admin to apply a punishment on one player than giving some to other - its all simple operation on mySQL records.
So this is strange more that admins made that paragraph in that way.

Other case: an effect of that 'law' is very frustrating to players-victims, which worked hard to reach 4th TG level. And they loosing 350-400k game gold - this is very much work to reach that amount of money back.
An example is Uliss - very good player who stopped playing after loosing TGI in the same case.
I have no inspiration go play more if I am loosing effect of a month of hard work.

Last: a lot of players is donating game admins with real money. We are their customers. I had donate their with quite big sum of money.
In normal world good customers could count of some respect and esteem.
Due to 3.17 I feel a big disrespect from admins.

Maybe admins dont understand that:
- satisfied customer will back and buy again
- unsatisfied customer will not

Sorry for a long write, but I hope that almost all players will agree with my point of view.
And please moderators dont delete our discussion - maybe game admins will revise paragraph 3.17 to be more square dealing for players
Paragraph 3.17 like the entire game rules intends to prevent players from gaining an unwarranted advantage in comparison to other players.
When you rented your TGI out you were aware (had the chance to be aware) of the risks connected to this and decide to take them to make a high profit. If such losses would be compensated players would start to accept any deal no matter how risky relying on admins to fix any unfavourable outcome.
There are people who decided to sell their TGI, because they deemed it too risky to rent them out, so it would be unfair to them, if now people make money from renting without any risk.
we dont discuss about 'any' deal, but TGI renting.
Other arts have good mechanisms to prevent from risk of loosing them.
TGI, which is most expensive item, not - IMO this isnt normal to prevent from loosing wooden sword worth 300 gold when lending and dont prevent from loosing TGI worth 350k gold.
I am sure that it isnt so much coding to make TGI withdrawable after determined time - similar to other arts.
But maybe work is problem for admins - we dont know what they to besides of coding our game
You can't withdraw a TGI, because after it's intended use it's gone, there's nothing left to withdraw, till a new one is gained at TG 2.
You're missing my point however, you knew the risks and decided the expected profit was worth it, so you took them (so it's your problem) and now you try to get your loss compensated which is perfectly understandable, but futile.
The withdraw idea is good, but it does require the admins to change the current withdraw system. The coding has to be different because each item has an internal id. The new TGI from TG2 would have a different internal id. This would help players like me who are scammed out of our TGI: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1853630

But for players like you where your renter hasn't reached TG2, then withdrawal should not be an option at all.

I'm sorry that your renter is slow to reach TG2. My renter took almost 3 months to reach TG2. And after that still didn't return my TGI.

In my previous post I didn't mean to sound like you didn't already PM your renter. I meant that you should try again. In my case I sent/received several dozen PMs with my renter over 3 months before my renter's excuses became an obvious and provable scam.

If your renter is just unable to reach TG2, then you can do what some other players have done. You can lease arts or give gold to help your renter to reach TG2.
'if you are a victim of criminal its your problem'? In most sides of world law protects victims.

You are protected, he gets a punishment, but you wont get compensation. If someone steals from you, he will go to jail, but the government doesnt give you your money.

I know what you mean, I understand your loss, because of this possibility I have sold my TGI. The TGI was not intended to be rented for gold because many players would have a great advantage with no risk. Now the risk is here and its up to everyone to decide.
today next player lost TGI (asika)

Transfer log of Kingof_ELF
07-20-09 18:19: Player blocked. // password transfer
07-19-09 10:47: Received item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] from asika . Transaction price: 1 Gold


admins back, or only single action?
I think that admin dont care about good players whit want to make more hard combats, which are ambushes.
These combats are determining more arts wearing opposite to hunts, which have help invitstions.
Players when wants to make more ambushes have problem with gold and often buy diamonds - especially much often than hunters.
Diamonds give money to admins.
But admins dont protects thein best customers. They demotivate them. Maybe they think that there will be always new players here?
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