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Classifying Factions (Differences on how they are used)


AuthorClassifying Factions (Differences on how they are used)
Every game has them. The class that does one thing well, one thing the best. I'm curious as to what it is.

I know that Necromancer is definitely a support class.
Demon is supposed to be a damage heavy class.
Knights I'm not sure of. I haven't really seen anyone use them too effectively. Same thing with elves and dark elves. Barbarians is also supposed to be a damage heavy class, but with defences.
knight are defencive, elves are ranged, and DE are heavy hitters
lmao, i wonder what situation are you mention on?

taking pvp as example, different build on faction has its own way to play with to serve different purpose.

yes, perhaps knight wasnt so effective as you mention. in most cased, they will survive and the only 1 left on battlefield to chop the rest of opponents while teammate had fall. at the end, lead the team to win.

elf or DE might be the 1st get out from battlefield. before that, he might did his job such as weaken the opponents or attract most attacks from opponents to buy times for other teammate?

tactic and strategy needed in LWM; but not 1 man show. so, a lv4 nerco can make such good justifications on GGF... rofl
It may apparently look like Barbs are supposed to be a strong faction/heavy hitters, but actually they really rely on technique and different builds, the attack is used to surpass the defence of other factions while you gain your own defence with arts.

Demons are usually taken out first at high lvl pvp as they are usually a threat because of their gating.

DE are dangerous at hunts, practically the best at thieving and quite good at MG, but they lose out in pvp on high.

Necro, yes, they are a support class but at the same time they can be heavy attackers in pvp and you will see that alot of necros have high attack and rarely use the raising spell.

Knights are generally steel rocks, unbreakable, they rely on defence and like demons and mages rely on their faction skill badly.

Mages, what to say, they last the longest, have high enduranced against magic but sadly depend on miniarts which arent cheap.

Elves are good at low levels particularly with their archers but lose out at higher lvls, they always have heaps of iniciative so at a low lvl they are undefeated.

So basically thats all XD
oh, did i mention that elves complain alot about being underpowered at high lvls??? Xp
Angels deal 101 damage to Goblins. 1 perish.
Angels deal 101 damage to Goblins. 1 perish.

And at high lvls knights also get more troops Xp, so if ur high lvl and in battle with a knight prepare for a long, boring fight.
And at high lvls knights also get more troops Xp, so if ur high lvl and in battle with a knight prepare for a long, boring fight.

Bor.. bor... Bor.. what?? :p

Quickly catch up with Pang and co, and let them make it 'interesting' for you. heh.. :D
DE are pretty good as chaos casters in PvP, esp with elemental call and piercing
Elves are very good at hunts
Knights I'm not sure of
Look to the russian server.

Melee Necro: Offensive tactics, average hp and initiative, no moral (would actually be a benefit if enemy could be demoralised). Should ideally disrupt enemy lines at the right time (Hint: juicy undefended archers). Raise useless at high levels.

Curse Necro: Support, some curses have limited targets, can turn the tide around if used properly (but usually enemy too spread out or maxed melee enemies kill you too quickly to actually perform your tactics).

Therefore I am currently trying a hybrid curse/melee hero, curse them long enough (but dont spend too much skill points on knowledge or spell power) to tip the balance in your team's favour in a group fight. My necro built is totally useless alone. My favourite spell: Mass delay.
demon: hit 1st, die 1st
even demon die faster than DE
demon: hit 1st, die 1st
even demon die faster than DE

My style, your style :D I really wanna dump this slow race but who cares! you get to change faction at later levels, and im gonna be DE->Demon->Barba
Necro rules 1st and 2nd levels and for a while they get weaker... untill they can change to might necro at lvl 8 I hear...

apariatly a 3v3 group battle I was in, I never got damaged... my troops were to slow to attack... :p

When you get to lvl. 3 in group battles your ghost is always targeted first... then they forget about youand save you for last cause youre so slow and can be beat even when they barely have troops...
from what i've seen, dark elves are pretty strong all around at higher levels.
theyre really good in pvp, pretty good in hunt/mc quests, awesome at thieves guild encounters (both sides).

elves and wizards are awesome in hunt/ good at quests, but rather supporting in pvp. elves are pretty good at thieves guild encounters if they attack and they suck, if they're ambushed. while wizards seem to suck on both sides.
Dark elves can be might or magic. Usually most d elves are magic till level 8, when they get shrews. Magic elves are great in pvp.

Check this battle of magic dark elf

As a player of nearly exclusively Barbarians, they are a great thief. Anyone who depends on missile troops sucks as a thief, as your missile troop always have someone standing next to them.
Barbarians missile troops (orcs) have no melee penalty. A heap of hobgoblins with battle fury as your talent, and they can do serious damage. Ogres take forever to die, and if you take a few wolves, a quick large unit is great for disrupting the oppositions movement.
for misself: Hmm imagine the best shooters only Elvens bowmen (1 kind of tier) .. and the other in my opinion just melee and magic .. :)

I think in this case, Elves are good (the most balanced) in everything, see also the talents wheels, everything is there (except expert magic like DE and Wizards), they want to attack -> They can, want to play defensive, just place bowmen at the right pos to kill the enemies and use stoneskins, the heroes can kill fast, they want magic, they can summon phantoms ..

See the troops too, Sprites can kill many in one hit, also EFKS, they want lucks --< they are the best, morales, just add rings and rally .. :)
See the troops too, Sprites can kill many in one hit, also EFKS, they want lucks --< they are the best, morales, just add rings and rally .. :)

i personally dont like rally as elf. youre just not getting much out of it. if you want to support low level melee troops, take basic offense and battle fury (50% damage bonus for sprites and 20% for forest keepers + extra 10% on top of that, over +1 morale, wich is great, but only a fiew more troops) or just settle for luck and rain of arrows. its cheaper anyway.

if youre traveling, and being ambushed, i recommend as much druids, forest keepers and sprites as possible+basic offense and battle fury. in pve and pvp rather take luck and rain of arrows and get your morale over cheap items.
Elves are not underpowered on higher lvls!

- very high initiative first of all!
- elite forest keeper has multiple attack (very useful)
- druids use stoneskin (lightning spell not so useful anymore on higher lvls)
- overall fast and speedy units (unicorn 7, elite fk 6)
- knock back shot of grandmaster bowman

I hate fighting against them...
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