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Wizard Faction Topic


AuthorWizard Faction Topic
>>> Well, the last one was obsolete so I made a new one.
Here we discuss everything about Wizard Faction, talents, tactics, etc.

Btw is wiz dying as a faction, only 9 pages and obsolete already?

The link to the old topic :
Well, there are 4 wizards in the top 100 right now, and only one is a "real" wizard, the others have changed to wizard (sorry guys and girls ;) )
Check in more detail, real wizards are now studying their opponents ;)
Wizards are clever an studious: rather than ask the same questions again and again they look and read through all the old threads of the faction :P
#4 Nice one :P

Btw I changed faction in order to thieve (De and Demon). Now I tried wiz with good mini arts and min AP and suprisingly I find some of them doable.
Examples :

Though they must be the easiest ones. But at least we have a chance at thieving, even min AP :)
which one is better for pvp spell power or knowledge? where should i put my next skill point?
I guess you mean the stat from level up. At level 7 that you're reffering you get intellect talent that gives 50% more mana.So with a base of 3 knowledge you get 45 mana which should be enough for pvp. If you find it lesser than needed you can add 1 more knowledge with erudition talent to knowledge so mana goes up to 60 (you'll often change the erudition point to knowledge or spell power based on the fight you're having).
theres not much because u have to be rich to be a wizard buying mini arts
Yeah, at level 8, quite a few ambushes doable, even for a wizard with minimum AP. Check out pptandppt's log. He's a big fan doing thief with minimum AP up till he's level 10. Then things went downhill from there and he's happily a DE from that point on...
is wizard so bad in ambushes at lvl 6/7? which is the best way to do?
personally I tried it but I was on a time limit and with wiz I failed a lot of ambushs so I switched to de to finish getting to TG2
i think with full arts and miniarts will be a lot easier, buts only a supposition
hi guys could u help a wizard out :-) i need to know what the best way to set out ur troops in battle
I'm not a good wizard player but I'll give you some tips

Split magis, do not take gremlins, aim magic to the important ones, do not aim for ghost/apparations, If you can survive for a long time take many knowledge and then kill the with all might including monsters'
ok thx
i am lvl 3 wiz...should i put any arts on golems or gargos now or not..or should i do it later?
u think miniarts? yes u should buy it immediately and then rebuy it,it help us a lot
do it when u arrive to lvl 5/6, till then keep all the gold u get
do not get miniarts inmediately, they are so expensive, when u rebuy u lose 10% of the cost
but when i reach lvl 5 lets say..what do i put then? hp on magi or what?
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