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Wizard Faction Topic


AuthorWizard Faction Topic
its allowed if you use diamonds to buy the tgi
For level 7 it is easier thieving as Demon (I tried both at levels 7 and 8 and without shrews I found demons better). And for DE, changing faction earlier is useless as their factional bonus is useless, so stick to wiz if you have good mini arts.

Yellow difficulty? Errr. There has been some serious change, I daresay. OK, magical mirror would be an improvement there but... *cough*

Any suggestion how to beat such a magical onslaught?

In terms of thieving... change to DE. Look at my combat history to see how wizards get slaughtered by Caravans.
The three best places had 2 stacks of magi and were full arted, so you just have to be lucky to get 2 stacks and wear full arts...
First,reflect, reflect, reflect,and reflect,
cross your finger and hope you get enough reflections.
Then put gargs in the middle of the bottom line,
the magi will kill others with their shots.
However,you won't get too much exp.

If I were you ,I would pass away and wait for other hunt.=)
yep like she said..

magical mirror and touch wood..

or ask for help and share,,,;)
^^ Where's the link at first post go to? Its lost?
try this..

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