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Wizard Faction Topic


AuthorWizard Faction Topic
Wiz has its ups and downs. I hope its better at levels higher than my current 8.
At lvl 8 almost every other faction player will beat wiz in PVP even with Wiz at full arts and good miniarts. I have encountered DE, Elf, Barbarian and Knight and there is hardly anything Wiz can do. Maybe at lvl 9 with 11 genies they do better.
but in MG and HG Wiz do pretty well. So it all depends on one's style of play, PVM or PVP, to be happy with Wiz.

PS: Anyone disgree with my comment that lvl 8 wiz sux in PVP? Maybe they could share replays and playing experiences then.
Go look at "bewitched"'s battles..
I looked. I am referring to 1 vs 1 situation which commonly occers during ambushes. There even bewitched is not having a good time. But of course she travels without arts and I travel with.
And I am not saying without reason. Compared to Bewitched, the only difference in our total stat points is I have 2% more initiative. So my claim cannot be totally without basis and experimentation.

6 more genius make big difference? maybe yes or maybe not,I don't know.
For 41 Meandrake.

Hey mate it is possible to do VERY well in group battles with wizards once you get triple minis at faction skill 7.

At this FS level gargs and genies become very dangerous. Although it is more difficult in ambushes...;)
I should say that gargs are not really dangerous at this skill level, just very difficult to kill with +5HP and +7 def/Att...:)
Well, level 8 is hard but not so bad.
Btw in ambushes I'm always using only min AP.

VS Knight full arted

VS Knight min AP
for Warwick-the-wiz:
So you mean at FS7 triple miniart for gargs Att/Def/Hp is better than Att/Def/Luck ?
In general I believe so. I am CL10 now so have 71 gargs. That is 355 extra HP. :) I use luck on the genies..
Have good miniarts at lev 7 race skill is almost impossible, at least if you are not a cheater or really lucky playing roulette (but we all know that to win at roulette in the long run is really rare, avoid waste money there!)

For example, reaching the level, I could calculate that to get a +8 def +8 att and 5 health for garg would cost around 530k gold, and that's only one miniart (other good combinations are worth about the same or worse)

I passed the last month getting the more gold I could buying and selling on market and facilities, and always working in production locals while I was connected, I really fighted with other player for selling resources in facilities (not in nickel in EB, there must is somebody there that is using a script, or too many people trying to sell at all time of day and night)and summing up all I have got it is not more that 70k gold (counting gold won in hunt) so it would take 8 month of hard work and a lot of time connected to get the necessary for one good miniart, but we need artifacts too, weapons, armor, and the wizard one that give you decent points are the most expensive too.
Let's say the at the beginning I wasted quite a bit of gold, with smith work and roulette loose playing (not that the 32k of gold lost there would make a big difference but...) but even if I had been very wise (or not a noob) the gold I could have saved would not make a difference. Not even selling an aventual TG - I don't make thieving - would resolve (but give a good help for sure).
At eh moment I have got, calculating all in my possess, something around 120k, this is not enough even for a def+3 att+3 Health+1 miniart

The point I wanto to make is that races (at least comparing wizto others) are unbalanced and going on with the game, the differences in achieving have little to do with player's abilities. So, what I can tell to new players, be aware of it before choosing to go aheas with wizs
If I could get back to the beginning I would choose all but wiz as principal race to play
all this IMHO ;)
for 50

"Have good miniarts at lev 7 race skill is almost impossible, at least if you are not a cheater or really lucky playing roulette."







It is not impossible but it is difficult and you dont need to cheat or play roulette. However you have to be patient. :)

I have a life ;)

I got about the same LG level as you and have used around 600.000 gold on miniarts. At the same time I just changed to DE where I have used around 150.000 gold on buildings. So it should be possible for you to get some decent miniarts if you had saved just a bit more from the beginning.
There is always an option to use money on diamonds...
Versus druids, I see in the top 3 wiz combats for level 8, the druids preferred to fight Melee instead of using their shots. Was this old programming bug, because now its impossible to beat that many druids alone even with full arts and miniarts because they prefer to shoot of their 5 shots and there is no way to survive that and equal the records unless the resort to melee fighting.

02-07-09 18:03: Registered. Faction: Wizard

06-03-08 13:15: Registered. Faction: Wizard.

I suppose we should come back on topin in 8 month ;)
Doesn't really matter who registered first. Looks like you play more often than me... What matters is MG, HG and LG levels. and we are about the same level in all three, so I am sure you have earned about the same amount of money as me... you just spend it differently.

Just to talk about something different... I see you got expert erudition. If you go for advanced erudition and intellect instead, you can get the same amount of spell power but 5 more mana.
how to use magic technicks?

I change talents accordingly with exigences, If I am on a 5 attempt quest first attempts I will get adv erudition to get one mor point spell power, couse I wouldn't be albe to use all mana anyway. Usually I use configuration that you suggests ;)
I have a level 6 wiz, RicOz6, as one of my multis and I'm quite close to level 7. When I get to level 7 I was planning on starting thieving but I realise this will be very difficult. I'm also very close to getting faction level 6. I was wondering whether I should:

a) change to de now before I start thieving to gain fsp.
b) wait till level 7 then change to de.
c) wait till wiz faction level 6 then change to de.
d) just stick it out as a wiz.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
isnt there some rule that says you can only do thieving from your main?

I would change too DE now and then start thieving, you'll also be able too use the buildings and skill points later on if you wanna switch to another faction.
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