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Who is the cleverest of 'em all


AuthorWho is the cleverest of 'em all
Aztecs, Aztec Indians
chocolatepeople from neptune (the chcotladmadi) already invented drinking chocolate before the coming of the second shadow (ca. 120000-150000 years ago). It was used as a fuel for there wing-canus.

PruiRui, the keeper of the thriceholy Flaar of Radu Ruth first tried to actualy drink it when he was deserted without food in the crumbling flats of Hu'ui. After he was saved, his people saw that his tentacles, his claws and his Gath were glowing more bright and his skin was soft and shiny - so henceforth it was used to enhance beauty by chcotladmadi women and pramen (most chcotladmadi men refused to drink it for they were beautiful from the beginning).

but the drinking revolution - drinking chocolate just for the taste of it - came when TrauSinisin, got hitten on his hruti by a trog falling from a Rad'du. Suffering a bad amnesia, he forgot to put gasoline and tharba-poo in his mixture - this enhanced the chocolates taste and made it less explosive.

soon drinking chocolate became very popular.

but on planet earth it was the aztecs...
but legend tells that even the chcotladmadi were predated in drinking chocolate. This was done (at least the myth claims so) by the gaseous monoliths of Mrgh'h'hth. but for them it was a ritual act of self mutilation...
pyramids lol
now my question

who is better...? Mr.Bean or Charlie Chaplin
Mr.Bean... no doubt about it
Mr.Bean... no doubt about it

what bean can do?

nvm.. next question give me the area for Pacific Ocean...

take a ruler and go counting... :D
take a ruler and go counting... :D

...Or take the info from Wikipedia.

By the way, the answer is 169.2 million square kilometres (65.3 million square miles).
My question.

what is my name backwards.

First person to spell it wins.
First person to spell it wins bragging rights
169.2 million square kilometres

hmm it's true that earth is expanding... my answer is 166 million kilometer...

and the answer is UNKNOWN because the world still expanding..

so forget about take a ruler and go counting... :D that's gonna be hard....;D

you need to wait until earth stop expanding and then you can take a ruler and go counting. Futhermore that day would be the end day of Universe... 8D
Which is the fastest living organism?
cheetah or peregrin
Which is the fastest living organism?

you said which so that means you have to give out the clue, like

"Which is better, coffee or tea"

that's which that I know of
What is the fastest living organism?

the cheata

Among terrestrial mammals the speed king is the Cheetahk, or hunting leopard which has been clocked at 70 MPH by responsible observers in Africa probably some birds such as the vari9ous aquilaforms (hawks, Eagles) can exceed l00MPH in dives but this is, of course, assisted by gravity the(red line) is always much higher than the level flight speed.
I got a question(hunter hat!)

A, B, C and D are four boys. A and B are four-eyes while C wears lenses. D on the other hand have blurry eyes just like the others but does not wear any spectacles nor glasses. A and D are vegetarians while C only eats meat. Which of these have blurry eyes and eats both meat and vegies?
B obviously?
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