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Who is the cleverest of 'em all


AuthorWho is the cleverest of 'em all
congratz rise!

I'll try and think of something to give you.

Send me a messege if I forget.
nah u can keep the prize. im fine with what i have already ^^
why hole?
What gets shorter if it's attached, and gets longer when it is split hair.

thnx rise.
why hole?

It gets bigger, the more you take away?
eeeek someone help me with my hobs! :x
ooh i safe :D
who level 7 help rise with his hunt
32 white horses stand on a red hill.

First they crush, then they cut, then they munch.

What are the horses and what is the hill?
how do you take a 'hole'?
Teeth in the mouth
someone post those mathematical questions they really break ur heads
The hill is the jaw
Hey gell, I wait for my prize XD
can I ask what is the "^" stands for? so does it multiple (number)^(Number) by theree? or what?
Kotrin is close enough.

The gum was the hill and teeth is correct. :)
the white horses are a person's teeth, and the hill is the person's mouth
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