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Who is the cleverest of 'em all


AuthorWho is the cleverest of 'em all
Let's see.................
A boy got twice as many sums wrong as he got correct. If he attempted 51 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?
The first one to get it right will get a Hunter Hat[A1]
Err... 17?
51/3 = 17? Oh I was wrong
ok that sum was extremly easy........

09-11-09 04:59: Transferred item(s): 'Hunter hat [A1]' [0/10] to Dizbe
any moore?
I want prizes
here's the next one

A group of 1200 persons consisting of captains and soldiers is travelling in a ship. For every 19 soldiers there is one captain. The number of captains in the group are???
60 captains
09-11-09 05:05: Transferred item(s): 'Master hunter cutlass' [0/10] to riseifpossible
Ouch, why am I so dumb now
yay me ^^
you'll be backrupt if you still continue
Let's have fun

If there were 10 questions in a test, 1 point if you get a question correct, -5 if you get it wrong, and you end up with 0 points, how many did you solve correctly if you have tried at least 1 question.
they r all 0/10
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