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Big thread for bug reports


AuthorBig thread for bug reports
at conspirators at the end.something strange happens some guy named (7)says:block them with 1 gargoyle and i dont get it was it a player or a bug in minos talking.
link https://www.lordswm.com/battlechat.php?warid=17577113
Work shift is not ending: "Workshift ends at: 21:30" The time is 21:32 right now...
#223 It happend to me today too, but worked after another minute or two.
The help file says:

"Q: Is it possible to redistribute primary parameters of the character?
A: Yes, by using the Potion of Oblivion. This potion can be purchased at the Shop. It discards one skill point which can be redistributed anew right away. Discarding the skill point is random and, hence, optionless. It means that the higher level your character gets, the more expensive the full discard will turn out to be."

While the description of Potion of oblivion says:
"Magical potion with stupefying effect. The hero who drinks it will lose all his or her primary parameters and can learn new ones instead."

I know the description is right, but the text found in help is missleading.
FAQ is probably outdated, and in this forum you cant edit posts...

I stuck in reviewing this combat. When I click return to game, it come back to this combat again. Even I already finish the combat.
For me its nothing. it was just no stuck. Maybe ur windows internet stuck...

Reputation: 0.5
status: I have recored your tactics into the Guild manual, we'll teach freshmen after your example. Here's your reward. Royalties? what royalties? Funny you.
You receive 203 gold, Fire crystal

recored should be recorded.
Another workshift does not end.
"Workshift ends at: 11:00" - it's 11:07 at the moment and all workers have free overtime at Blacksmith of Power.
I currently am unable to set an ambush it says.

Thieves' guild but doesn't give the ability to set ambush under that. All units are placed properly as well.
Its not a bug.
You dont have enough troops.
You need to buy crossbowmen and guardians first. (and the other buildings besides marketplace, warehouse, blacksmith and underground thing)
Sven91 as usual you don't know what you are talking about. First of all guardians = level 10. Crossbowmen I shouldn't need. I should be fully capable of battle right now and I am not.
fine, dont believe me.
But dont expect Arctic or any other admin to fix this "bug" since its not a bug;
same thing happened here:
Sven91 I believe you think you are right. But you gave horrible advice which was incorrect. It turned out the problem was recruits. The upgrade changes your maximum amount of units I am capable of having. Everything you said would not of helped me in the least.
Oh and I forgot the fort also.
Why do we continue to have the problem with workshift not ending when it's supposed to? I thought this would be fixed by now. This is labor abuse, because the factory won't release me to enroll again.
damn with the bug...
I cannot attack and it says,, error sending command to server,, but my enemy can attack me so i'm losing easily...
after that,, when i refresh it,, it has gone and said that i fled from battle so my luck was minus by 2..
please help me...
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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