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Big thread for bug reports


AuthorBig thread for bug reports
Full screen doesn't work on my linux. :(
works fine on Linux here. Which version of flash player?
I cannot entoll by using my mobile anymore.

"the place" the fill the code is disappear.

This is a bug or we cannot enroll by mobile anymore?
A lot of the text entry fields were replaced by flash, which is going to not work on a lot of mobiles.

I hope it will be considered as a bug and fixed, but that is already how it is on ru. I don't know what they are trying to improve with all the flash anyway, the buttons look pretty much the same, just a button.
hope it will be considered as a bug and fixed

It will not. According to .RU this feature is for months there...
oh no - then you cannot enroll by mobile anymore?

this will be very bad for many working players. :(
Seriously, that is the capital sin of web games, preventing people logging in to waste time at work...

It has been at ru, that is why I don't play there.
Seriously, that is the capital sin of web games, preventing people logging in to waste time at work...

log in - enroll to earn gold - log out - 2m total....

not playing game whole day by mobile......
Lets discuss which phone models are remaining to support flash applet making enrollment possible here:
Enabling the option "Full screen without scrolling" in personal settings cause that combat never load in Firefox v. 3.0.15 so you remain stuck forever, because no time limit in single combat. Thanks god that under IE it works fine.
I have won an ambush, in a role of the thief, against the player. Has received only 0.68 faction points..


How much I remember for a victory always gave 1.0 fp..
Anyone who cannot ambush: please go to Duels page and look whether you can create a duel.
Hope this is bug and not an easter egg. Its not possible to enter combat without hydras. Why? Hydras useless for many big hunts, so why to take them even they are ladons by me:(
I was "Auto ban". Is it a bug? .......
I also can't ambush. I tried everything: resetting talents, recruiting, changing arts, logout - login and nothing helped. I can create duel without problem. Some text is in russian though...

BTW I joined TG yesterday and had no ambush yet. But before the big change I had that possibility on the map. Now I don't.
for patejl:
Maybe bad question, but have you use your thiev invitation?
for Maia:
Sorry for double post
I make mistake, now i see it, you use it :)
Maia: of course I had. It is gone now, I don't have it in my inventory anymore. And when I enter TG in in Silent hill, the text is changed. I don't have option to join TG for diamonds like I had before. As I noticed in my last comment - I had option to set ambush yesterday before the change. Now it is gone. :(
Clan listing on character profile of some players who are in military clan are not in correct order.

His for example:

#490 European Foreign Legion (military clan)

#245 DesertPower
#444 The Dominion of Death
#209 The Shadow of Death (wrong)
Oh, that happened because the clan that was on top switched spot with the just militarized clan.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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