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Big thread for bug reports


AuthorBig thread for bug reports
for hockeymaniac:
I believe that is Google's problem, not LWM's
for Takesister: thats what I thought :P it's not a big problem though
I would like to draw some attention to this case:

Reputation: 9
status: The uprising is neutralized, you are a true hero! And here is a rue reward.
You receive 111 gold

rue should be true.
stuck in combat. please help me. i've posted another one in tehnical support, hope that isnt a problem.

this is the warid i'm stuck in
status: There's uhm.. some blood on your sword over there, sill unwiped. Oh yeah, nice job, here's youre reward.

sill => still
youre => your
[Post deleted by moderator Pang // ]
Fix the goddamn tavern game, please. It's quite irritating to switch resolution every time I wish to play cards =|

And cave demons are still dead at the start of battle.
if i have full army in EOFO (cross, guards, grif, cleric, cavalery and ANGELS) - my clerics or monks Are absent on a field of battle
Maybe we should have a thread, tracking if any bugs reported are actually fixed?
Maybe we should have a thread, tracking if any bugs reported are actually fixed?

It would be empty
Mercenary theft. I had a cargo with promised 600 gold, I accepted expecting something like Barbarians brigands{22}, but it was only poor Demons-brigands {2}. I was pretty surprised that it is easy demons brigands for such a big amount of gold, but when I returned I got only 50 gold. I would appreciate if admins fixed it. I dont mean giving gold to me but to fix this couldnt happen anymore:)
I am just stuck in battle after the server crash their was a case of this before. Any help would be appreciated thanks Arctic.
stuck all the time...... :( but its getting better
troops resurrecting in tournament battle, now my units won't move.. just great :)
same problem for me.
stuck in combat.
everytime i refresh, i do the same move as i did last time, and same consequense;
nothing can be moved...
there maybe a big crash in server

in comat my hero can't attk

even i attk ,when i refresh,i found that didn't attk...
yeah, moderators keep locking all topic saying its "solved"
I still cant fight ....
So lol, I suppose we shouldnt continu in this topic, but its our only choice.
i am also stuck in a combat can't do anything even tried a diffrent cpu
Stuckm in combat during a tournament
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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