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Wizard is weak in Face -Face combat

AuthorWizard is weak in Face -Face combat
Hi all..

All will think wizard is strong because of tournament.yeah i will agree in tournament wizard is strong but when u come to Face -face combat Wiz is very weak..

As i am 9 lvl wizard i will want to discuss in this lvl

Wizard vs Elf :

it is 85 percent difficulty to win elf in face to face
This is mostly because so many magic resistance items.
Lght mithril cuirass,helmet and boots combinely will give
23% magic shield.
And if he wear cape of winds 25% air resistance.
And mostly elf will choose 3luck and magic resistance against wizard.

see he have 23+25+20 nearly 70 percent magic resistance.
tell how we will kill elf.If EFK stand near unicorn OMG 30 percent more magic resistance.

Now come turn wise elven bows will come 1st so all magis will die.And EFk initiative 150percent more than garg.if he have 3 morale u cant imagine how fast wiz troops will die.

U will ask wiz have magic spell.As he that much magic resistance i can kill 7-10 efk at a time. then u think when i have to kill elven bows,unicorns.

So wiz is 85 percent weak against Elf

Wizard vs Barbarian :

It is 99 percent Difficult to win against him.if he also wear
all magic items as i mention above and also he have own magic resistance how u can kill him?

If elf can kill wiz in 20 min then it takes 10 min to kill wiz by barbarian.If u are so unlucky it will be finidh in 5 min when u garg met 50 wolf in 2nd turn of wolf.

Atleast we can imagine we can kill elf but in this case impossible .

Wizard vs Knight :

It is 65 percent difficulty to win swds.All knight faction will tell that swds man cant able to catch garg.but in hte case of duel map it is easy to catch because it is very small map.If he have 4 -5 morale we cant stop griffins.if my hero focus on griffins then when i have to kill cross bow and monks.

Wiz vs DE:

In this also 60 percent difficulty . there is np pblm to kill shrews .in heroes 1st turn and with help of magi.but it is difficult to kill hydras if he also wear all magical resistance items and magic shield talent.Only 1 hydra can kill for every heroes turn.and Dnt fgt that i have to kill liz and and mino also.

Wizard vs necro:

It is also difficult of 65 percent .If racial lvl of necro is high we cant able to kill 200 skel bows.in this also necro is having upper hand against wizard.

wizard vs Demon:

In this also 75 percent difficult .if he have more than 50 spawns it is easy to kill in 1 turn.U can ask he will steal mana .I think 40 mana is more high in duel combats according to me in 9 lvl. if he recruit more demons OMG: and if he gate that demons .There is no way to run gargs with this mang number of units including gating creatures.If u are so unlucky that hell horses wont give any chance to garg because of their fear atkk.

Wiz vs Wiz:

If u think there is faction balance that is in this case only:)

At last i am telling plzz decrease the magic resistance items
or give piercing magic like DE.
Other wise it is impossible to wizard to win a duel.
Only way is to play GB.

If u think any thing i posted wrongly forgive me.AS i want show my anger on no faction balance i am posted this.

I need all of ur comments plzz

I'm not level 9, but I've found Wizard especially for group battles extremely usefull.

Sure, if the opponent wears anti magic gear, things get complicated, but you always have the magic punch, which deals physical damage. Also earthen spikes are sometimes a good weapon against shooters, if you can hit 3 or more stacks. Use your genies at the best units. A weakend stack of hell horses isn't so frightening anymore.

Just try different talent (maybe try a nature magic build) or art setups, experiments with mini arts can be usefull too.

Vs. Barbarian: Difficult, if not impossible task. With a high faction skill a barb is possibly the worst opponent you can meet. You only can try to kill his orcs fast and block his big creatures with little stacks like 1 garg.

Vs. DE: Just aim his shrews and place your troops in a way, they can't reach you in first turn.

Vs. Knight: If swordmen reach your gargs, you do something wrong. Think about +speed mini art if movement rate isn't enough.

Vs. Demon: Throughshot and punch are your best weapons. Succibi can't retal throughshot and if you move your units smart, the opponent gets serious problems because he tends to block himself with his many units.

Vs. Necro: Aim bowmen with genie and hope for a curse. Best is to ignore the bowmen, let them shoot, they don't get new shots if they are raised. Concentrate your attacks on meelee units and don't waste your mana to kill a stack of 3 ghosts. Against necro it's sometimes better to wait with hero, good necros wait too to get the best moment of raising.

Vs Wiz: You said it ^^. Ini arts for magi can be good to get first punch.

By a quick look at your profile: Raise your guilds. You can get i.e. another point SP or KN by getting MG2. Wizard is a great faction for PvE, use it. :)
I forgot Elf:

With ini arts magi are able to get turn before bowmen. Then put all you have on efk. With a good maneuver it can be possible to reach druids with gargs.
I Dnt think u are in some cases right

1st u told against barb if i concentrate on orcs how can i kill rocks and wold.u told that u can block by using some small stacks i dnt think so becuase the barb hero wont sit quietly he can remove small stacks quickly and rocks will carry ogres i f i running somewhere

Against Demon u said through shot is nice.do u really think ur magis will left when scubbi turn is cmng before magi.

Against DE u told protect from 1st turn there is no way he can kill in ist turn he need 2 turns to reach me.once he reach me i will die like a insect.

Against knight u told wear speed mini art .do u really think it is usefull when knight having 4-5 morale?

I can agree with necro what u told.If u are lucky because when genies will cas disruption ray it wont use.In 2nd turn no need think because u genies will die at that time
And another point (sorry for that many posts): Faction skill is very important for wizard (mini arts, more spell damage), your's quite low. I suggest you simply do more PvE to raise it (and your guilds btw).
To my experience:

Barb: Better that wolf raiders hit 1 garg then the big stack, right? I said it: barb is very very strong against wiz, if not impossible to beat in a duel.

Demon: I've never seen succubi moving before magi, maybe because i have ini and morale art on them.

DE: He will at least the talent tactics to reach your small units in first time if you settle units in a smart way. If he has tactics, sure: You have a problem.

Knight: Why not. What other choices would be usefull?

Necro: My experience: Try to reach bowmen with meelee units and you're dead. Bowmen with near range and meelee units will kill you. So my way is to take the bowmen's shots. Worst thing is to focus on bowmen and necro raises them all the time.

Only my points of view, may be wrong too. There is no wonder strategy, it depends on enemy and luck with settlement and first turn.
I dnt think faction skill is not important for wizards in PVP combats look at this table do u find any much difference in lvl 4 and lvl 6 faction skills

Level 9: 7 Att, 7 Def, 10 Ini,5 HP, 2 Morale, 2 Speed.
Level 8: 6 Att, 6 Def, 9 Ini, 4 HP, 2 Morale, 2 Speed.
Level 7: 6 Att, 6 Def, 8 Ini, 4 HP, 2 Morale, 1 Speed.
Level 6: 5 Att, 5 Def, 7 Ini, 3 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed.
Level 5: 4 Att, 4 Def, 6 Ini, 3 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed.
Level 4: 3 Att, 4 Def, 5 Ini, 2 HP, 1 Morale, 1 Speed.
Level 3: 2 Att, 3 Def, 4 Ini, 2 HP, 1 Morale.
Level 2: 2 Att, 3 Def, 3 Ini, 1 HP.
Level 1: 1 Att, 2 Def, 2 Ini, 1 HP.
Level 0: 1 Att, 1 Def, 1 Ini.
I don't have a problem with Wizards in GB's and I have no problems winning duels against DE's and Knights. I find Necro's and Demons a little bit harder, but still beatable. Elf is yet a little bit harder, but it can be done! I stay away from barbs at all cost.

I say keep working with Wiz to get your faction points up!
Yeah i 2 having no pblm in GB but all difficulties in duels only
Perhaps you should steer clear of Duels then. I do most of the time! Group battles are still fun :)
An example: Let's say you put hp art on (let's say 50) gargs. On level 4 you get additional 100 hp, on level 5 you get additional 150 hp. That can be a huge difference.

Maybe we have to differ duels and GB: In duels a wizard isn't strong as in GB. Reason: Normally Wizard isn't first target in GB and in duels you may have not enough time to spend your mana. In GB normally wizards are the last characters on the field.
Ok in GB ifu find any wizard as a partner what will u do?

Can 2 wiz will fight any other 2 faction people?
Sure why not. It can be a huge advantage. If you get fast shots with magi, your enemy has to rush you and you have all the time in the world to cast them.

But: Wizard is really strong in PvE. I do right now nearly 400 damage with a lightning spell against neutrals in minimum AP!

Raise your guilds ^^
Ok in GB ifu find any wizard as a partner what will u do?

Can 2 wiz will fight any other 2 faction people?

This is only a lv6 fight, but is the answer to your question..

3 Wizards V/s 3 different factions
Guys, please continue at the Wizard thread:

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