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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
In this topic, members of the faction are asked to discuss everything, that concerns THIS faction: skills, stats, tactics etc.

Other similar topics will be closed.

Link to previous topic:

Okay, i'll start er off.

I just changed my level 2 mult to wiz, when i turn level 3, should i try to get mini artifact so soon? And what are some strategys against different factions at level 3?
Link to Jabbers Guide..

is sorcery good for GB? because usually we use fireball in early GB, and lighting when the game nearly ended
to aRU I believe increasing the speed of casting is VERY important.
At least the 10% from basic sorcery.

Does the MH Ring of Dexterity function in group battles?
If it does you have another 7%.

Wizard troops are not fast so doing damage early is critical.
Yes of course, just like other hunter artifacts. The only thing that you will not recieve is the bonus.
To hiddenshadow.

Do you mean the bonuses from full hunter sets equipped?
Or individual bonuses for each hunter art?

I have never been clear on this...@-@

I always sell hunter arts....
i think what hiddenshadow meant was the bonus dmg to neutral creature (20%, 30%, 40% from hunter, MH, GH full set).
I'm about to be lvl 8 whats the cheapest arts I should use
Min. AP is the same for lvl 7 and 8.
Cheapest arts would be light axe, defender shield, leather armor and medal of bravery (81 gold)
Hey, clan for Wizards is founded))) It is Valley of Wizards)))
for MagisterYoda:
I failed to see how #504 valley of Wizards is a wizard clan when 70% of your members havn't even played wizards, including the founder and leader.
For hiddenshadow:
We have two branches of Clan))) Magic and battle))) And our leader have a lot of expierence in Wizard Faction (http://www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=877666)
Another members, except me and Lavina also are wizards of "Dolina Magov" on ru server))))
Does anyone have any tips for talent build later for might wiz?
So...as Wizards at .ru, I can advice you to take Basic erudition on 5 lvl, then mirror at 6
What would be the best double mini-arts for me to get on my
a) Magi's at combat level 9?
b) Genies at combat level 9?

If you could justify why you think they are the best?

I was thinking +1 speed, +4 health for Genies.
OR +7 attack, +4 health. Or is health even worth placing on genies? I'm not so sure.

And +8% initiative for Magi, + something else....

Still, I'm not sure really. :P
Thanks in advance!
for Dizbe:
Check here (Posts 12-13) :
Great guide by Jabbar.

So for Genies Att/Def
And for Magi Def/Init(PVP) or Morale (PVM)
Also be aware that double mini arts are costly. For example the 7at/7def minis for genies and the 7def/5%init for magis cost me around 135.000.
for Erekose: Thanks for the link and the advice.

Also be aware that double mini arts are costly. For example the 7at/7def minis for genies and the 7def/5%init for magis cost me around 135.000.

As far as this goes, I am aware, (I just forked out 200k on gargs mini-arts :| ) And I am willing to pay whatever I need to pay...

Thanks again.
Also be aware that double mini arts are costly.

It won't matter for long. When the updates from .ru reach here, then not only will the mini arts be made completely free of charge (at the expense of effectiveness) but you will also be returned the amount of gold you spent to buy the ones you currently have on. So till then, wizards can just think of it as an investment.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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