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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
I must say those adm really dislike wizards. =S

Oh yeah they do definitly! ;o)
Or perhaps no one of them ever played a wizard in group combats on higher levels. They would immediatly change the troops. :o)
But as long as nobody says something they won't change anything.
And in HOMM I really liked the wizard because of the giants and titans .....

But I am confident that they will once see how weak wizards are against other players and change a few things to our favour.
At least the last tournament showed what a crap the "high" wizards troops are against all other factions.
I must agree with Xendrake. The last tournament was really unfair and Wizards are really weak against other players.
And to all the players who say: "Change the faction." Well I guess you never played Wizard. It cant the be the solution to change the faction. Game should be more fair.
DE has strong troops and can ignore magic resistance. Wizard has weak troops and is just good in casting spells, but all spells become more weak in higher levels cause of magic proof. Thats unrealistic.

I really hope admins will change a few more things to our favour.
Sorry guys, but you are wrong. Wizard is not so "useless", as you think and said. Yes, most of wizard units arent so "strong" as units of other factions. But our playstyle is different from others. You cannot expect, that you will have units with the same power as "damage dealers" factions.

Few factions are stronger with min ap and few are stronger with full arts. Wizards are stronger with full arts, so prefer that type of battles. Good played wizard can defeat elf, dark elf, knight and necromancer. Problem could be demon and of course barbarian. But duels are sometimes strange. More interesting are group battles and wizards are good for group battles. But not as main damage delaer, but as "off damage" and support. Genies can cast realy nasty spells on opponents and sometimes that spells are more important than damage. Magi can remove positive spells from opponents (stone skin, chastise, ...), or remove negative spells from friendly units. Gargs and golems are good "tanks", whose usually last long on battlefield. I will not talk about sphynx and giants, because i dont have them yet :).

Group battles are about teamwork. Use proper talents + right tactics and you will be very succesfull in pvp and your teammates will like you :). A lot of wizards whose i saw in gb had bad talent for pvp (like on hunts). Too much mana and only basic sorcery. Most of these wizards end gb defeated with more than half of mana, because they are not able to do max damage in min time. And i saw other srange moves, like use punches on 1 archer (shrews, ...) instead of dispell stone skin from important attacker, or cast lighting on unit who has poison and would die next round, etc.

Not each pvp battle can be victorious, especialy against good opponents. This is part of pvp. But battles where you lose can be nice too, with good players on both sides and they are good training for next battles. For more wins i can tell you only, that you have to play max group battles as you can, know your opponents and learn from it.
That Tourament should work for us wizards :-) Good Luck all
Well, so far necromancers and wizards are sharing victory almost all fights in tournament on higher levels. Especially those nasty appas..

Vamps are awesome vs living creatures (which directs to all factions except nec/wiz), ghosts/appas can only be easily broken by magic (which only few factions are capable of), and with the high skel count and the dangerous plague shot of liches, no factions can match them... And if necro has spirit link, he can almost have his vampires live forever..

Anyone has tips dealing with necros?
use them as footmat. I.e.: step on them :O
185: I have few tips for you. Split your genies to two stacks and use their spells on skeletons. A lot of necromancer dont split skeletons, what is good for us. If you cast weakness + curse on them, they will be not very dangerous for few turns. Necromancers cant remove spells, so this is not very good for them :).

Important: Dont attack vamps, while your magi and genies are still alive. If no vamps are dead, vamps will kill your units, but no restoration from them. Dont attack appas, while your magi still have a mana, because appas can suck mana from magi a restore.

With magi attack liches (magic punch). Magi shoud go first, especially with miniarts with initiative, so you can kill few liches before their turn. So, if you are lucky and have curse + weakness on skeletons after first turn, focus spells of your genies on vamps and then on appas, if genies will be still alive.

Necromancer usualy go first for genies and magi. But you should use at least 2 genies spells on skeletons and magic punches on liches. So, first target is liches, then skeletons. But if necro kill your magi, or magi spend all mana, kill appas. Skeletons with curse and weakness are not dangerous and you should survive few vamps attacks. Dont attack vamps or appas with your units! You need keep your units alive as long as possible, if you want do max damage with your spells. If necro will raise appas, nevermind. They will have less hp, so they will die faster. And of course, you can still step on them with gargs, what is usualy no more raise for this unit.

Ok, if liches and appas are dead, you can focus on skeletons with your spells. Lightning them to eternal death. Still dont attack vamps, if your genies and magi are still alive. Run with your gargs if you can (want), or stay with them on one of necromancer unit and defense. Vamps should not do too much damage to them, especialy with curse and weakness. And if skeletons are dead, focus your spells on vamps. Still dont attack them with your units. U have to survive, while your spells are key to victory.

I know, that in "real" is not as easy as i wrote, but this is good way, how to kill necromancers. Wizards is one of the best faction against necro, so dont worry and kill them :).
[Post deleted by moderator Pang // ]
i'm new to wizard faction. what's the formula of damage when wizard casts lightening or fireball or magic punch on a barb?
Original damage * (1-(barb resistance)%) ?
According to "About the game":
Resistance rate: 5%+7%*[Barbarian skill level].
Which makes the following formula:
Orginal damage *(1-0.05-0.07*[barb lvl])
Also barbs are not resistant aginst magic punch.
190, 191,

thanks for the help. it's clear now.
Barbarian resistance got decreased to 5%+6%*barb skill level during the grand update if I recall correctly
and how do piercing works?
if opponent have 50% magic resistance and I got 20% pierce
how much damage will I do ?
if opponent have 50% magic resistance and I got 20% pierce
how much damage will I do ?

You will do 60% damage.
what is the suggested set up for merc quests, i have max magi then max gargs...should i max golems? and are gremlin engineers worth getting?
That setup should be fine, but don't use that 2 grems, split magi in as much stacks as possible for higher damage.

Engineers are a bonus, can be good, but not a must. Especially if you do much PvE you won't need them so bad soon.
196: max gargs, max magi, rest of golems. Forget about gremlins, even gremlin engineers. They are realy useless. Save your money. And as Nutella said, split your magi as much possible and keep golems and gargs in big stacks.
Even golems are not so useful. I wasted more than 60k for modern golems.
Anyway it's still useful for the tournament otherwize I would be the 1st
target always with gremlins.

If golems are the top target of AI then another story just like griffins.
They can do a lot of damage before they vanish. However they are not.
Only in ambushing caravan with very careful arrangement, golems can somtimes
be the only target for small stacks of caravans then they are good for a
short time.
Should I start thieving now or should I first get to MG lvl 2?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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