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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
Sorry for double-post.. but I have one more thing to know: what is the best talent combo for lvl 7? Now I can't have advanced erudition + intellect..
We'll have to try and see, but it seems we'll have a hard time...
I'd go for Basic erudition + intellect.
Thanks for the answer. I'm now trying some combos.. Sometimes I don't need too much mana, sometimes I need alot. (For example, at Angels I need much SP and at Farmers I need much mana). I realized that now Basic Erudition+Advanced Erudition is the same for me ( I mean I do 280 with magic arrow, but at other levels it may differ ). Now, I wanna try basic chaos+dominion of tempest to see how it works.. I don't like the raised price of erudition but I'm trying to find other possibilities...
If any wiz finds a good combination of talents, please share it here.
So.... For Level 7 Advanced Chaos Magic wouldn't be good? Or Basic Chaos ) Dominion of Something.
Also, sorry for double post, but Phase is now using modern golems. I guess we can ask him after a while how he likes them. Also meant to say Basic Chaos + Not )
I tried Advanced chaos and for me it does the same damage as advanced erudition.. I also tried Dominion and I find it useful for high tier creatures because you can slow their initiative and you don't need to much mana ( so you don't need intellect ).
hmm I didnt get my mini artefacts refunded, is that because I have been inactive for a while?
for Nikadena:

You did. Look at here: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers.php?id=4392144

11-14-09 12:39: Received 21600 gold from Empire: 100% Wizard mini-artifact cost refunded.
No, indeed you did. Look at your transfer log:

11-14-09 12:39: Received 21600 gold from Empire: 100% Wizard mini-artifact cost refunded.
ah only gold got refunded, ok then I was mistaken :)
hmm...in the case of ambushing caravan
wizard with min ap become very weak
however,they are awesome with full arts!
I use adv. chaos+mana recovery,
which give me infinite mana and powerful spell damage
(much larger field avail us having more time to run)
i have a question what would be better for level 10 golems or magis? sry if its been asked 1000 time b4
I'm not level 10 but magi would be very bad at higher levels cause of their low hp and damage so you should take golems (which should be upgraded to modern golems)
112: It depends on situation, but i think, that modern golems are better than magis for 10. lvl. Unlimited retaliaton, decent hp and defense + 75% magic shield. But of course, they are very slow. Golems are good especially against a lot of small stacks (brigands, army of, ...). My setup is max gargs, max genies, 3 magis and 26 modern golems.
I got ambushed by a magic user and they had their magi split and scattered on the edges. Due to their unlimited range and through shot, the magi really did the damage. Too many people are focused on magi spells. Sometimes the magi ranged attack is the best option.
Yeah, it all depends on how hot the day is. Our magis don't like travellers who are on a cold, it all depends on the defence of opponent and how many stacks we can hit. With the larger map and new mechanics for through shot, I find through shot harder to use when hunting large creatures. But since the ambush map is fair and square, there is an improved chance through shot will strike through our victims :)
for Barbarian-Fishy:

The problem is that they have only 3 shots :(
Master and great hunter arrows help, but it's expensive.
I really love the new map. Lots of space for Gargs to fly about. Now when I am ambushed I can actually deal some damage with spells before dying out.Speed miniart on gargs is incredibly helpful!

Check this one out:https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=484561481

Yes it is a joint ambush,but both of us had no arts on.Whereas,the DE had full arts on and had Factional resistance to wiz!
I have a question.. at lvl 7 what arts are better for gargs? def+hp, def+speed or hp+speed?
def+hp in my eyes, by far
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