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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic

Was there any chance I could have won that battle with min AP ?
I think, that you should use magic arrow instead of spikes and kill appas stack by stack. Use magic punch only on vamps. Missed punches on appas are no damage and wasted moves. Still, maybe that quest is too difficult with min ap and lvl 5 character, but you can try it once more and use little different tactics.
@ 697: 0.3 turns refers to the turns of an initiative 10 creature (so usually the caster's initiative, although this is not always true). whenever a description talks about 'turns', it is talking about an initiative 10 creature.

@ 701: i don't think it is possible to win such a quest on lvl 5 in min arts, but there were some things to do:
1) instead of splitting golems, split gargs into two stacks. use the two garg stacks as a defense in front of the magi. or, do not split the magi, and keep them in a corner away from the other magi, and use their shot (the appas will try to go to the other magi i think). the main problem was that your golems died too quickly and there were appas hitting the 5 magi for a long time.

2) forget about the vamps. they have to wait the first turn, and it is always the appas that reach you first. it is better to concentrate on the stacks that deal damage, not the ones that look the most powerful (as it is, the 5 magi will keep hitting the vamps). use shots of magi or magic punch of magi on the appas (even if it misses, after 2 misses in a row on one stack of appas, there will be a guaranteed hit). especially if you keep the magi in one stack in the corner, one shot can do a lot of damage.

i think earthen spikes is better than magic arrow, and you should again hit mainly the appas that do damage. when there are fewer appas left, then you can concentrate on the vamps.
In this kind of battles I split my gargos in two, with one stack a bit larger than the other (because usually the stack from the corner of the magi(his magi) is hit more times than the top one)and the golems in the down left side, and my magi in the opposite corner so I can use my through shot through all his appas, like this (I'll try to make it as close as I can to reality):

M Ga(less)
Go Ga(more)



And yes, magic punches on vampires.. and I also used to go with magic arrow on each appa stack... Maybe spikes also works, but I don't know it exactly.
what I do is...

Put magi into 1 or stacks on the bottom. Split gargs to 3 stacks, 1 golem stack alone.

(M) Garg
Garg Garg
_ Magi

Main priority is to finish off app's first since they are the first attacking units. Then as there are fewer app stacks, focus on vamps and just let those apps attack u since u can just take retal. Also, i put golems in 1 stack because golems are usually ones that get attacked first.

by not splitting magi, my through shot is powerful and anyways, they are all in a straight line...so u can hit many at the same time. Even if u hit one at the first shot, the second or third will hit them, so dont worry.

magic arrow - apps. try to finish them off 1 hit, or else its really annoying. However, if they are surrounding u, u can use earthen to allow minimal damage on ur protecting units and focus on vamps.
@ 705: i agree with most of your points, but it is not true that golems will be attacked first. the enemy always wants to hit the 5 magi and so will hit whatever stacks defend them. in this case, they would attack the gargs.

i find it better to keep two garg stacks in the front and the golems behind to protect the magi. only 5 appa stacks can deal damage in this way (and you can reduce the damage done with earthen spikes).
i find it better to keep two garg stacks in the front and the golems behind to protect the magi. only 5 appa stacks can deal damage in this way (and you can reduce the damage done with earthen spikes).
yup. And with Genies, they can stay near the Gargs and Golems like this:
(M) Garg(less)
Gol Garg(More)



And I think here 3 stacks is better for the first magic punches (cause you shouldn't waste through shots from the begenins) and also some appas attack the upper magi so you could have 2 more stacks.
And also if two of them misses, the third stack hits.
Hm i guess u guys are right about golems and garg stack stuff..

anyways, this is how i won, even though it was a lvl 7 fight.

Awesome advice from these guys ^^
its good to keep your magi to the bottom don't try to move in
when your arrows/mana runs out...you will just feed the vamp
focuse on those apps that will hit your "box" first
dont worry about those to the bottom they will wait to attack the box
and don't let the vamp through until you've weakened it

this may help you guys as this merc hunt gets more powerful
when you get your fireball thats fun too extra crispy apps! :)

my box...
mag garg
gol garg

mag mag
I just levelled up to level 7 and I was wondering which stat should I add, spell power or knowledge.
Note: I'm not taking intellect, so I have 4 knowledge and 2 spell power.
spell power...
take the talent of basic erudion to move points for more mana or sp
or you can take mana recovery besides intellect
i still have 4 mana sometimes i wish i had 3
those are the times when i don't get to use much mana :P
Ok, thanks, let's hope I don't regret it too much now :)
I'd like to try out a half might half caster build with dominion of fire build at level 10.
Any suggestions for attribute distribution and talents apart from dominion of fire?
Since dominion of fire (with Basic chaos) costs 20 Talent points, you have only 15 left. So the choices are narrowed to Sorcery section of the wheel. I'd go for Basic Sorcery + Mana Recovery, Concealed Knowledge or Advanced Sorcery.
I would also want to go half-might half-magic for level 10, but I have some questions (even if I'm not going to level up very fast):

Do we need to change our primary points to attack or something else than kn or sp?

If yes, does potion of oblivion reset all your points or one point? And can you choose what to change?

Are mini-arts good enough for no skill parameter change and for no arts change?

As a might wizard, is it hard to do PvM?
potion of oblivion will give you all 10 points back to respend
@ 713: since you are going to take dominion of fire, you must be planning to use fireball. so i suggest take basic sorcery and concealed knowledge (concealed knowledge reduces cost to 8, so you can shoot 5 fireballs from 4 knowledge, or 6 from 5 knowledge). with mana recovery, you would have to wait a longer time. mana recovery is only good when you have to do a lot of damage, in which case its probably better to use spells like lightning and magic arrow.

@715: leave the primary points as they are, i.e. 4 knowledge and 6 spell power. put your extra point from levelling up into knowledge if you want to use dominion of fire.
mini-arts are not good enough for no arts change - you need to wear might arts so that your attributes are balanced. the positive side is that the might arts are usually cheaper than the magic arts.
so, decent attributes could be: atk 8, def 7, sp 6, knw 5, morale 1, luck 1.
this could have arts defender shield, sword of retribution, leather armour, amulet of luck (ap = 11).
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