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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
For Zuthor
Lorekeepers have fireball and chastise. 2 very powerful spells so naturally the other players aim to kill them early..

Gargs are faster than modern golems and have comparable hp but you can recruit many more of them. They are also immune to fire and lightning. They are a better choice in most battles..
But modern golems have 75% magic resistance and unlimited retal.

The 75% is about as good as the immunities on a garg, since the garg still takes full damage from arrow and any earth spells.
Golems can't flee like Gargoyles. :D
It's all about speed and numbers
- gargs have higher speed and initiative which means you have much more chances on survival
- the huge difference in recruiting amount makes gargs have much more hp in total

Gargs are a survival unit: which needs to be fast to stay out of range + high hp

Modern golems can go down very fast due to their lack of speed/ini

But you can cast Rapid on them and they can't be Delayed by enemy :)
75% magic resistance does not just apply to hostile magics, they also apply to your own magic. Casting rapic on golems would be.. pointless.
nvm above, I need to look into it more. But despite that, golem has a rediculous speed for them to be any useful. And they don't have morale boosts eitehr.
67: arent they useful as 2ndary tanker, beside gargs? maybe for MQ?
with ini = 7, whatever you do with it, it just won't move as often/fast as other units. The opponent can simply ignore it until later stage. And you know how the 'waves' attack fires.
In MQ and hunt, yes, it can be another distraction. Actually, every stack other than the garg is the distraction... The damage is from the wizard himself.
With a might wizard, though? Maybe Phase could use modern golems?
Even with might build, lorekeepers have better init and through shot can do miracles.

With free miniarts, you could add att,def, and speed
or def, speed, and ini.

That might solve some of the problems.

You should check battle logs from Phase when he was lvl 10. He minimizes amount of magi in favor of maxed modern golems as secondary tank indeed.
Seems like he achieved succes with it.
So from this point of view modern golems could be functional up to lorekeepers which will be more advisable at that lvl.
But modern golems have 75% magic resistance and unlimited retal.

The 75% is about as good as the immunities on a garg, since the garg still takes full damage from arrow and any earth spells.

becaues i can cast bless on my unicorns and my experience is that they don't get a 30% reduced bless but a full bless indeed. Same goes of course for rapid
of course it may be possible as well that i just miscalculated :)
Resistance only affect negative spells.
however,golems' "magic shield" only reduce spell damage
they still get 100% effect from holy and dark

i have a question.

how can i have miniartifacts on my creatures ? for example on 34 gargoyles ( full description pls )

and which miniartifact is good for each creature ?
Firstly you need to gather some money (or wait for the update to occur and give you free minis).
In order to be able to forge mini arts you have to build "Artifact foundry" in your castle. Then enter it, select "Forge a new mini-artifact." and choose which mini art you want to create. Once you've forged the mini art, you can select which mini you want to "equip on" which creature and then press ok and job is done. You need X mini arts for X creatures. Note that if you have more than 30 creatures in a stack you'll need only 30 minis.
For Gargoyles : Defense
For Magi : Initiative or morale
For Golems : Attack
free mini arts are a fact
now what should we do with our hundreds of thousands of gold =)
invent in estate market?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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