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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
219: This example you mentioned with efk is one of the very few cases you might need to kill stuff fast in early levels :-) most creatures if you setup troops well you can survive easily more than 8 turns.
You're absolutely right, but actually I think it doesn't really matter until lvl 5. On lvl 5 4know is a must for wiz.
Level 5 though you got great flexibility with Hat of Knowledge / Spell power hat choice or erudition point that can be changed at will :-)
What talents should i take as a new level 6 wizard. I have low faction, so the extra point in spellpower helps in hunts (with erudition) but i'm also thinking about taking sorcery+ concealed knowledge .Will this get magic arrows cost down to 3? Another one i might take (for long FFA or group battles) would be sorcery plus mana recovery.

What do you guys think would be the best?
sorcery plus mana recovery.
this would be better
Those of you who played in the past survival tournaments level 8-10, how long does each round take with the best arts and will power? Because if it is more than 1 hour I won't bother going wiz and go for the prize^^
To bring a bit of life back into this topic.

Have anyone thought, why Wizard faction is so obsessed woth letter "G"?
We have Gremlins, Gargoyles, Golems, sphynx Guardians and Giants.

Is this some sort of G-spot? :D
You forgot Genies :)
Hey i just wanted to know if you can look at the winner of the tournament last time and can copy their strategy and try to win in yours. Is it okay if I do that?
because we are Great
Hey, I don't understand why mana recovery doesn't work in this tournament. Sadly you can't see my last battle. I had basic sorcery + mana recovery.
Hey, I don't understand why mana recovery doesn't work in this tournament.

Because it's a rule.
Are there any tips for doing constriptors quest as level 5-7 wiz. Should i recuit more golems and less gargoyles? Or just use normal recuitment. Also how should i place my troops
How do you split your troops in the Throne Battle?

for danielns13:What are conscriptors? Do you mean conspirations? I usually do them with normal recruitment.
Yes sorry, conspirations, i had something else on my mind when i asked my question, thank you
Conspirators guys..;)
Any tips for vanguard quests guys? mainly vanguard of knights? after killing the griffens and bowmen, i don't have time to kill 60 some guardians befor they kill the farmer
Vaquard lvl 5, without using arts and with few miniarts:
You need better troop set up from the beginning I guess
Dear Wizard Professionals,

I am lvl 5 Wizard.

I don't seem to know which is better (overall), sorcery or erudition. Sorcery allows you to cast spells faster and blah while erudition allows +1 point to do blah. I know it depends on the battle (long or short) but there has to be one that is best for us to use (talent). If we used full AP, I guess sorcery would be the better choice, but for less 'rich' people, both would be very helpful. Also, I think it was in page 1, someone said sorcery was advised, however I am still not sure as there wasn't a lot of talk about it.

So, can you guys give me professional advice?

Thank you,
Oh sorry. It said erudition was better for beginning by Master Yoda
At lower levels erudition is better.

You need first to get enough mana and strong spells then you can start worrying about casting them faster :-)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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