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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
Why not.. with your money you can buy one and try out, and do the merc quest at the same time. Since you can thief any time you want so long as you are still using your character.

I say go for it for some extra experience points. With your money you can afford the castle upgrade for lv.7
My third char archimonde3 is a wiz.he is level 3 and is going to level up to Wizard Faction 2.He currently has 2 attack 1 defense 3 knowledge.At which level should i raise spell power? Shuld i go keep on raising knowledge till level 5? Or raise spell power at level 4 and 5.

What effect mini-arts should i equip to my creatures?
Before lv.5.. no matter where I put points on, my low level wizard was weak where ever it went, so doesn't matter that much where the points are spent really. It's quite a shocking horror for hunting, not to mention pvp, and the golems die anyways. See which one works better on you.

I used morale and initiative when I changed to wizard at lv.6 again for my magi for extra magic punches before they have to die. It's a very good boost with medal of bravery, making their morale to 3.

Not sure about the rest though, I chose defense for gargoles and attack for golems. Maybe you got to ask someone else who played a bit longer than me. =)
for Moonhunter:

My experience: 3 KN is enough for most battles until you have erudition. I've spent all other points in SP. I rarely need more then 4 KN, at least at PvE.

My mini arts since long time: Def/HP for gargs and golems, later ini/morale for magi. Golems are quite useless, if you max gargs, so for me they are just a HP deliverer to win time to cast spells and do attacks on small stacks. AI normally goes first for golems, then for gargs. So when gargs are running golems bind the opponent for some more time, if you give them defense.
could anyone post the table for mini-arts and faction level? i level up to wizard faction 3, but my mini-arts don't seem to improve.
I don't have the table, but mini arts get improved automatically, you don't have to dismantle them or build new ones.
for elenthil:
Got it. Thanks, Straws and Nutella.
Hi all, can someone post me the cost of a level 11 Wizard's Castle?
for Luckas:

Silver pavillion: 50K, 20 ore, 20 sulfur
Thank you guys! :)
Well so at lvl 5 what stats should i have?
for Moonhunter:

I followed mostly this Jabbar's guide the first levels: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1855588 (Hasn't changed much with updates).

He suggest 4 KN, I was doing fine with 3 KN.
heya guys, i need to ask about something.

according to this link (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38,
" - The Wizard characters also have an increase to the damage they deal with spells to neutral creatures at hunt and on Mercenaries' Guild errands
- in case of direct damaging spells, [final damage]=[normal damage]*(2+[faction skill level])/2;"

so with faction skill lv 3, my spell final damage with magic arrow should be :
final damage = (24+[8*7])*(2+[3/2]) = 280

but from the last hunt that i just did against lizard cavalry, my spell only did 200 damage. Can somebody explain what i missed here? Thanks.

(24+[8*7])*(2+[3/2]) = 280 - wrong
(24+[8*7])*(2+3)/2=200 - correct
ohhh, so it was miscalculated...thanks chimimorio for the quick response ^^
214: The reason I suggested 4 knowledge there is rather simple but let me better explain it in detail:

At levels 1-4 you only have magic punch to cast - which costs 5 mana. And you do not have any talents, which means the damage punch does is 20 + 4 * SP

Now the difference between 3 knowledge and 4 knowledge is that you are able to cast 6 punches and 8 punches respectively. Each of the 6 punches would be doing 24 damage ( total damage done with spells = 6*24 = 144 ) while with 8 punches you can do ( 8 * 20 = 160 ).

For PvM battles my experience at early levels was that i could survive more than 8 turns for the vast majority of battles - so more damage was helpful :-) [ And back then had to gather gold for mini artifacts so PvP at early levels as wizard was a rather crappy option. ]

After level 5 that you get magic arrow - 3 knowledge might be better since arrow is cheaper and gets more bonus damage from spell power. However in some battles you will still need 40 mana - but for those few battles you may simply use Hat of Knowledge.

Of course the difference is very small in both cases and in 95% of the battles you won't even notice any difference.

You should also not be afraid to experiment a bit and use potion of oblivion if you don't like the results :) Only way to become good in anything is to try it out by yourself. Reading guides and following them won't make you a good player but it can give you stuff to think about :-P
Actually in levels 3-4 I consider 3 knowledge better than 4 because just as you said for the first six rounds you would have dealt 144dmg with 3 know and 120 dmg with 4 know - lets say you are hunting efks or smth with high ini/dmg to hp ratio and that you are faction lvl 2 - this means that in the first six rounds you would have killed 4more efks than if you had 4know. This may save you in some battles since that extra 4 units slayn in the early rounds would have hitted you and killed some units. Also after you run out of mana don't forget that your hero can use normal attack. But I would agree that the difference is not noticeble.
219: This example you mentioned with efk is one of the very few cases you might need to kill stuff fast in early levels :-) most creatures if you setup troops well you can survive easily more than 8 turns.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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