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Wizard faction topic


AuthorWizard faction topic
ok, thanks
Phase just stopped being wizard *All colour drains from face*
Which is better lightning or magic arrow?
Because when I use magic arrow it deals 252 dam. and when lightning deals 270 dam. thats only a 18 dam. difference for 1 mana
Now most people might say "what good is 1 mana gonna do for you" well in the long run 1 turns into 2 which turns into 3 and into 4 and then you can use magic arrow again
It depends on the fight.
If you want to deal fast damage in order to thin out enemy stacks before he deals damage to you, I suggest lightning (and if you're running out of mana switch to arrow later in the fight).

If enemies attacks aren't so strong, but he has lots of hp, prefer arrow, it deals more damage in the long run.
which mini artifacts should I equip on
Gargoyles: Def + HP
Magi: Morale + Ini
Golems: Def + HP

That's what I wear, but I max magi and gargs, because I think golems are pretty useless.
how do wisdom work? can anyone plz tell me?
Wisdom gives you third level spells (including fireball) :)
For magi I take defence + Ini

Wisdom lets you learn the level 3 spells without the required talents, like, you can learn fireball through wisdom instead of taking basic chaos magic to learn it. It's cheaper in talent points, but does not increase the damage
better is now chaos talent,better dmg
At least wizards will now have a really hard time.
Mini arts are for free now ok, but they are weak. As long as our units are the weakest in the game the mini artifacts won't compensate it.
Golems are too slow (ini and speed), Genies are too less and too weak, gargs deal nearly no damage and about the engineers we do not need to talk.
In addition to all this damn weak units the wizard should do good damage as a caster. But thats not the fact, everybody is able to reach up to 20% magic proof without a problem. Concidering that a Wizard with spellpower 16 will do 187 damage with a lightning (~210 with Chaos magic) with an ini of 10 .... well thats nothing.
In hunts a wizard is ok but in a competiotion with other players on level 9 it is really the weakest class.
They should have balanced the wizard and not increase the number of units the elfs can recruit....

Just my 2 Cent on this update!
im preparing for level 5 should i get gremlin engineers?
im preparing for level 5 should i get gremlin engineers?

Most wizards do without and I think it's indeed a tier upgrade you can safely ignore.
for -magelord-:

you can ignore the gremlins engineer.. except if you want guarantee your winning in combat a very very very very very little... :P

Mini arts are for free now ok, but they are weak
i dont think there that much weaker for me everything went down by 2 expext speed and moral
for Xendrake:
imo wizard lvl 9 >> necro/knight lvl 9, because their main units in pvp aree to slow to hit gargs with 7+1 speed ;D
i dont think there that much weaker for me everything went down by 2 expext speed and moral
You can't use luck anymore. That alone is a big disadvantage. Because as a wizard you can't easily get +3 luck as other factions can do. Ofc you can but you have to abadon spellpower for this. And I'd like to see the wizard that is effective without spellpower.

for SilverMaiden:
Yeah right the vamps are really slow and what a luck that the bowmen and the lichs can't shoot. ;o)
The ghosts .... ok they are weak against wizards (low hp and magic always hits them). But you will never win against a necro with 15% magic proof and air resistance.

The knights ... thats a hard fight for both. If the knight uses 4-5 Morale and ofc magic proof he will win this too.

That is exactly the problem. Everybody will win against a faction with weak creatures that mainly does magic damage if you can easily get magic proof.
can anybody say magic arrow is chaos school magic or nature?
magic arrow is chaos school magic
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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