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Unwinnable Ambushing?

AuthorUnwinnable Ambushing?
Has anyone had success in winning ambushes without full arts? If so can you please provide me with proof. I used to win about 50/50 with min arts, now I cannot win a single one. Over 50 ambushes since patch without a win. Please advise.
Well, with your 50:50 win ratio, then you are bound to start losing a lot more till you reach the 1:3 win ratio. This is if nothing has changed.

Just be happy you even were able to win 50:50 with min arts. I was doing worse even with enchanted full arts.

It happens!

But evenually you will start winning once the caravans become weaker!

Remember that each time you lose caravans become 10% weaker.
On new 18x18 field?


I've won a couple (3 or 4) with min ap in the new 18x18 field.
Anyway, my win rates are rubbish becuse I'm a played most as noob elf :)

Keep losing that's all I can, defeats will eventually lead to victory =P
How can they be weaker than 0%? If I lost 10 battles they would be 100% weaker? Also I am strictly refering to post patch. Has anyone been able to win with min arts or the like?

Please post battle links.
sorry 5% only!
each time you lose caravans become 10% weaker.
weaker than 0%

I think they stop getting weaker at some point!
that's my guess also. but if I have lost enough to make them their weakest how can I win with min arts? rofl. I need to see someone's tactic on new map, thats why i ask for links. pleaaaase... I am begging.
Post patch
1.) If you lose they become weaker by about 2-3%.
2.) Your math is wrong. For example using the 10%, if you lose twice, they do not get 20% weaker. They become 19% weaker. Why? This is because 10% of 100% is 90%. Then the second time they get weaker from the 90%, which is 9%.
3.) If you win they get about 7% stronger.
Read this thief topic for more info:
How can they be weaker than 0%? If I lost 10 battles they would be 100% weaker?

Of course they cannot get weaker than 0%. But if you lower something by 10% each time, it wont become 0.

Lets say you have 100 apples and you take 10% away 10 times. 1st time you are left with 90. But then you will only take 9 because 10% out of 90 is 9. So next would be 81. Then you take 8,1 apple and you are left with 72,9 apple. And so on repeatedly. You can never possibly reach 0 this way(at least not in normal mathematics).

So 10 x 10% taken from 100 would be 100% x 0.9^10= 34,867%.
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