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how many??

Authorhow many??
how many profiles cn u have???...
i have forgotten
1 Main and 2 alternate accounts.


3.10. It is allowed to create additional characters to familiarize yourself with features of other factions. Additional character must be completely independent; remember, that multichars created for financial profiting of the main character in any way are blocked without hesitation. One player may have up to 3 characters (one main and two extras).

3.10.1. If you register an additional character, you are bound to show that in the opening line of the "character information" of both, commenting who is the main character and who is the additional one. Just the line "I've got another character" or "This is an additional character" is not enough. Indication of nicknames of them all is obligatory. Additional characters who aren't signed will be blocked immediately.
thank u
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