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Enchanting & Smithing Question !

AuthorEnchanting & Smithing Question !
Well, I'll answer one.

4*8 will be able to do 4*9. 2*18 will not be able to be done on weapons, and if they can do *18, then they can also do 3*18, or even 4*18.

1% extra per level for weapons.
2% extra per level for armor and jewelry.
1. Yes, enchanters can upgrade weapons this way. But only up to 10%. Up to 20% with other stuff.
2. Yes, it does work this way. It takes a lot of gold to master.
3. Each time you repair an item, you lower its durability.
4. I am not sure what you mean. Enchanted item doesnt lose anything more than normal item during repair. They both lose maximum durability. One day they will be damaged beyond repair.
1) Let us assume that there are 2 enchanters out there; first is offering a 4x8 service and the other is offering a 2x18 service. Can I get the 4x8 upgraded by the 2x18 to 4x18 in 2 times ? If possible please illustrate/explain the possibilities.

Since your % numbers are too high, I'll change them to these example numbers:
4x8% and 3x9% weapon enchanters. The 3x9% weapon can only enchant up to 3 types of elements and thus would not be able to enchant or upgrade that 4th type.

2) How does a person achieve smithing. I tried repairing my amulet and it consumed the entire repair cost and gave me 1 durability. How to go about gaining smithing at minimal expenses ?

Very easy to answer. 4000 gold spent = 1 smith guild point. Smith guild level 0 means you do 10% repairs. If you repaired a 0/10 durability art, then you get back a 1/9 art (1 durability because 10% of 10 = 1). The repair cost is always used regardless of smith guild. Again, every 4000 gold spent = 1 smith guild point.
3) I've seen some items in the market with different durability eg. a thief item with 60 & 57 & 54 & 36. whereas they all should be 60. Is it a misprint/error or what ?

Each repair lowers the max (denominator) durability by 1.

4) Is there anything that a person should know about enchanted items eg. enchanted items on repair loose their enchantment, enchanted items on repair loose their max durability, enchanted items on repair loose their enchantment. Is there anything a person should be wary off regarding enchanted items ?

Enchanting doesn't affect repaired arts in any special way different from new arts. Repairing doesn't affect enchanted arts in any special way different from regular arts.

You can enchant broken arts just the same as new arts. You can repair enchanted arts just like regular arts. Repairs just decreases max art durability. See my answers to you for #2 and #3.
thank you all for the answers. that does clarifies a lot.

regarding the numbers....it was meant for armour, hence the 18%. in pursuance to your example of 4x8 & 3x9....guess a person can at best/maximum attain 9/9/9/8 enchantment. please do correct me if i am wrong.

just need to make doubly sure....if i have a thief set with 60/60 durability and after 60 uses it is left at 0/60. upon repairing it with 90% repairs....i'll get a set back at 54/60 or 54/59 ? if its 54/59 then after the same cycle it'll become 54/58 after repairs & so on....is that correct ?

about smithing....spending 11.54M gold to get upto 90% is just too much lol. better to get them repaired at 110% ;)

thanks again for the clarifications....appreciate it ;)

another post appeared during the time i wrote my above post.

guess the above post means that the max durability will keep on going down after each repair.

and as for enchantment following pantheon example, we can get 4x9 by mixing the 2 enchanters services....correct ?

thks & rgds

upon repairing it with 90% repairs....i'll get a set back at 54/59. Next time it's 59*0.9/58 and so on

spending 11.54M gold to get upto 90% is just too much lol
Actually the real amount is less. I'd estimate that right now it takes "only" 2.5kk or so to get to SG 8. Still, why spend all that gold when there are plenty of pro smiths already? *wink*
Actually you can get 4x10 by the use of services of Takesister for example. Right now, all enchanters who can put 4th enchant have at least of the sub-guilds at maximum. So the upgrading has less use than it seems, because who can do a weapon 4x10 doesnt need upgrading.

54/59 is correct after 1st repair. Then later it will be 53/57 for example and the item will keep lowering its value until its too expensive to repair.
thank you all ;)

quite enlightened facts which i would have never known before experiencing them lol.

thanks again....appreciate it ;)

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