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lvl 8, DE or Demon?

Authorlvl 8, DE or Demon?
I've just reached lvl 8.
I have lvl 5 DE and lvl 4 Demon.
Which is the best to continue?

Use shrews, i say DE is better!
if you have both castles done minus the level 8 troops de could be the way to go. Shrews are very good troops to have. They always go first in battle, have blazing speed and have the "no retal" ability. On the other hand, I remember facing demons at level 8 and 9 that had max incendiaries to go along with their hell horses. They were very tough to kill as well. In the end, it is all a matter of personal preference. Which faction do you enjoy playing the most?
I begun with De, but i switched at lvl 7 to reach TG lvl 2 in time. And Demon were better at TG.

In fact I am interested if at lvl 8 DE can perform well at TG after update. I know I will have the shrews now, but after the update, they are not as usefull as before.

Is still DE a worthly faction now for lvl 8 and after? I want to concentrate on only one faction.
DE has been good for me at level 9, but if you're happy with Demon, go with that. I guess it depends on what you do. Although DE was nerfed for ambushes (thanks, by the way...), they are still very strong in hunt, MC and PvP.
For me DE has never lost MG battle

in thief also powerful against everything using a good full set of arts

also magic

I'd say DE:)
Response to 5

DE were not nerfed for ambushes. First of all whats great about ambushes is they always operate the same way for everyone in the game. You win until you lose then you lose until you win. I ambush and won as wizard after 2 months of losing. DE who do not know how to adapt to a new map that is their problem but don't confuse it as nerfing. Shrews have 8 speed and 16 initiative. Meaning you have one of the best options for how you want to set up your strategy off the top of my head I can think of numerous placements to not only manipulate AI or players with them.

Yes Kal_martani you had a brief losing streak but you are winning and losing right now. If you win to many caravans you will lose that is the way of ambushing. DE ambushing was ridiculiously easy compared to all the other factions. The multiplier was off the map was off everything was off for it. Now we have a good map that is good for running. Harder for units with 5 speed yes but you can always put a unit with 5 speed with a high priority unit then the units don't have to be chased down.
I think Dark Elfes
DE is a little better overall, but if you plan playing those two factions, better stick to demon for now, as their racial skill (unlike DE's) is very important and you need to raise it in order to be more effective. And you can change anytime to DE in higher levels where things will be more difficult.
I've decided to remain Demon.
Is worthing to invest in Incendiaries, or Spawns are still the best?
And what about Magic Tower lvl 2? I have just 1 and 1 at SP and Knowl.

A lot of people go full incendiaries, although I wouldn't know about magic.
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