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Enrolling Issue: Can't Enroll after 1 Hour

AuthorEnrolling Issue: Can't Enroll after 1 Hour
Currently employed at: Steel works, Empire since 07:20
8:23, 841 online

Anyone else have trouble?
8:24 Still didn't work.
8:25 Suddenly started working.


But does anyone know what happened?
probably related to some minor updates, happened yesterday with the introduction of XX:X5 work shifts.
Happened to me too,just wait 1-3 minutes and you should be able to enroll again..
me too....

I think GC is haunted :)
Ehm. Does it seem to you that one working hour now lasts 1:05 ? Seems a bit unfair to me, to cut the wages this way. :-(
Hmm .. and I lost some gold .. :( coz of that .. :(
for Omega22:
Sounds like something businesses are doing their employees. :(
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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