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Help me in clan register

AuthorHelp me in clan register
Welcome to the clan registration service!

This service is only offered to players of combat level 5 or higher.
Application cost is 30000 gold.
The final registration of your clan will take additional 20000 gold.

Please note that the clan's name should correspond to the game's theme (be related to the fantasy world).
Applications that violate this rule can be declined.
You would like to register a clan:

Brief description, purposes, plans:

(not enough gold)

Your applications:
Clan Description Status
King of Hunter Fees=500 gold

It said additional 20k.. i already have it... but cant use my clan... I application this clan about 4-5 Months ago...

Wat wrong with it? Wat must i do after application?
[Post deleted by moderator Omega22 // Flood]
Wat wrong with it? Wat must i do after application?

You have to wait for admin`s approval. You should have 20 000 on your account all the time. It will be taken from your account automatically. But you have to wait with those 20 000 for some time. It might take weeks/months. Dont expect to get approval right now, when you just got the 20 000 together. Nothing, just wait.
You probably did not have the additional 20k when admins checked for final stage.

Just make sure you keep your balance at 20k+ so when they next check they can complete registration.
Oh... Ok thx for the answer...
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