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No Ball landed when Roulette had spinned

AuthorNo Ball landed when Roulette had spinned
I'm really angry, because the Roulette cheated and I lost all my money! The Ball landed on no number! Is this possible??? Everybody lost on 16th Dec 21:40.
lol I lost alot more than you and more than anyone but do you see me posting a thread throwing a fit ? No its a game :P
Calm down. Think of it as a House tax or House advantage that there's a small chance where the ball can land on no number. Think of that number as 000.

You didn't think that Roulette is fair, did you? You will lose over 50% of the time.
Everybody calm down. Just wait for it to land. There was a server error during your roulette bet. But administration have the roulette numbers pre-generated. The results will be posted later and everything will be settled once the problems with server are fixed.
Or at least that was what happened before. But it might take days, because I guess this is on the bottom of "to do list".
the admin are busy fanning the smoke out of the servers :D
Well you know it was probably an error in the roulette or the servers. It is probably the server. It happened to me but not in roulette I never got back my 500 gold...
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