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search by nickname in private mail!

Authorsearch by nickname in private mail!
didnt you see it?!
yea !! I just found it !!
So, it hasn't been here for long? Anyway, it's great. ^_^

I've been waiting for this feature for MONTHS!

A Christmas gift?
Filter option on transfer logs work now too
=] i just saw it in mail :)
Woohoo. I too have wanted a feature like this! :D
awesome!!! I just noticed it too..this will save alot of searching time :)
Now what we need is filter on combat log and no ap rule :P
no ap rule

economy would crash (lordswm)
i agree with chance..plus most people at my lvl would were the arts anyway because hunts are really hard now ;)
This in a small update for Christmas.
It will be awesome if for christmas, we received special arts or some gold with an event too !
Im siding with Kotrin on that, GOD its nice to have that feature, FINALLY
#11 :sphynx quiz maybe
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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