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WitchHammer Treasury


AuthorWitchHammer Treasury
I'm pleased to introduce a new lore base for LordsWM, 'Witchhammer's Treasury'.

Its authors are representatives of the WH clan on .ru server, who have kindly agreed to create, maintain and develop this base as requested by many .com players.
Let me introduce the developers:
HAPblB (unfortunately not playing at Lords)
and e_t_ a.k.a. TAS here:
I shall be assisting them in keeping the information precise and updated.

The base will consist of two main parts, Library and Services.
Library will be featuring some common charts and data not listed in the official 'About the game' section.
Services will be mostly interactive, enabling players to access ways of personal character computing.

Right now there are two services already available. In future, Witchhammer is planning to introduce the following sections:
-AntiThief (instantly know the name of the thief ambusher)
-Comparer (compare any two characters (full manual preset))
-MG quests

-Spells (including creatures' spells breakdown)
-Artifacts (including perbattle cost and minAP sets)
-TG caravans
-Two Towers cardbase
-Mini-artifacts table

Players are welcome to vote in this thread which section they would like to have introduced first.

Should you find mistakes, generate an interesting idea or wish to report something or someone, please message TAS or me.
Awesome, thank you VERY MUCH for your time and effort to make LWM better, your kindness of sharing these pieces of information shall never be forgiven!

Next step establishing witchhammer on .com? :p

2nd to register, Arctic doesn't count~~
The site looks awesome, I bookmarked it =)

personally I would like to see MG quests and TG caravans first.
Roulette Enthusiasts must be very glad to see the roulette history engine! :)
Hmm i dont understand the roulette part.Whats its use?
Hm... found a little bug.
If you go to the roulette and click on a number, it will show you all the times that number was on roulette and it shows the winnings and everything.

But when you click the number "00" it shows the number "99"
for Sven91:
message TAS or Arctic^^
Sounds great.
But when you click the number "00" it shows the number "99"
It's not bug, it's feature that doesn't been corrected until now :)

Hmm i dont understand the roulette part.Whats its use?
3 blocks:

1) Active roulette field:
clicked on cell you get detailed information about landed of this cell

2) Last landed table
Sorted last landed table with spins count (all numbers - a way to get detailed info about this number landed history)

3) Statistic table
It's contain detailed info about landed. (By default: 12 spins in table)
yep, these guys are doing a great job. it will be of use for many. i would recommend adding to the list of the future available services also the "estimated exp calculation table" and "unique characters" sections. both worthy and well done imo.
looks nice, good job! looking forward to seeing more services coming up!
Nice . I would prefer if they could introduce the TG caravans list first .
Thanks =)
Thank you so much guys for your hard work in bringing witchhammer over to .com! I'm really looking forward to the new services on the site.
Good job!!!
1) MG Quests
2) Artifacts
3) Mini Arts
4) Enchanting

Definate priorities.

Why would anyone want a feature like this? What for?
Definate priorities.

+1. Things we can't get otherwise.
anti thief?
Just ask someone else in chat / skype to look at all the ongoing battles, and they can tell you who ambushed you.

Comparer, just compare two players..... open another tab.... and you can do it yourselves.
What about when you are alone in the night? And sometimes people in chat give slow responses or are afk.
As for the comparer, check out yourself, there are more functions than just "compare 2 players" (example: http://www.witchhammer.ru/viewpage.php?page_id=7&build1=930d55c25c&build2=ddcfa04c96)
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