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WitchHammer Treasury


AuthorWitchHammer Treasury
Very nice. I'm loving the roulette section. Only problem is the negative numbers, what's up with that?
We don't need AntiThief it's waste of programming.
MQ quests and Thief caravans are most important.

Sigh... you don't need to understand russian in order to understand those sections on witchhammer.ru ...
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Double post]
Don't forget to thank the actual coders, TAS and HAPblB (my bad, in fact, he does have a character here)
it is mostly their great work =)

Talents service will be added later today, and more in the nearest future.
Ahha great thanks arctic, this is exciting lol
Thanks TAS and HAP :)

I would personally enjoy the AntiThief. :)

Not quite sure what Monstercard is, but look forward to finding out!
Great thx very much

I think you put in the level of the monster and it gives you its statistics
Talents are on it =)
This is awesome!
So good, so much and so fast !!
Monstercard is a full list of creatures with all stats and abilities, similar to one in LITWIN's lordswm.org
Great! Thanks TAS and HAP :)
Thx ! Very nice job.
Thx ! Very nice job.
Thanks TAS and HAP :)
Enjoying the site very much. Bravo! :)
and another page is up.
So much effort =) !! thanks guys.
This is awesome! Good job!
Very Nice! Especially the part of the per battle cost of artifacts and caravans! Great Job going on there the last 2 months @Arctic and helpers!
When will these come into lords?
Bug in grandmaster bowmen.It says shots 10 mana 16
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