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about TGI and account

Authorabout TGI and account
I have a question:

someone rent my TGI several months ago,
but he lose to much so creat a new account to play,
so I get noyhing, no TGI back, no money, no art,

his new account send me a mail with his password,

can I use this account to upgrade labor level
and get back my money?

thx your answer
3.7. Password transfer to a different user and collective account managing are forbidden.
tell him to just log old account..do tg missions..and pay you back slowly?
Definitely no.

Once found doing so, you'll probably get a permanent block.

And can't he just do it by himself? Tell him to pay you back slowly
HE can just labor that char to pay you back, if he does in fact have a conscience. It won't take too long if he does not spend the money... easier said than done.
Umm....also TGI renting is now illegal so it would be best if you changed your personal info....
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