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Thanks for the ride...

AuthorThanks for the ride...
...it's been fun and filled with ups-and-downs.
Bye skunder, ill be leaving too

Later all :)
Bye Skunder. I'll miss your stories.
We will all miss Well there it goes a very trusted player.!!!
Who's going to leave next?
Bye, I'm sure that we all are going to miss your stories.
Bye skunder
for Decrous:

You're leaving?
thank you too, Skunder :[ farewell
bye skundie! i had many pleasant chats with you and i will miss you soo much!
no dont leave D: i will miss u bunny lion
When did... nvm >)
Farewell again!
Ahh another which as to leave so sad, good luck in real life besides it's more imporantant than a game. may life bring you many more things (such as lords again XD) ;(
Good luck and all the best in RL.
Will miss your brilliant composing. :)
much thanks for the concerns..

and i know i was vague in the opening post of this thread, but i am not 'leaving the game' as thought. "the ride" was moreso to thank/mention that i had quit my posts in the:

Chat mod clan
Forum mod clan
Sages clan
and the post as the Chronicler

I will remain as a player for as long as I am allowed, enrolling, hunting, battling, and of course throwing some cards around in the tavern.

I have also just written one last chapter to the CoS, for those who have kept up with them. Short but with more meaning I think than the rest.


PS lukeman, this doesnt give you the right to turn your PM acceptance button to level 9+ now just cause you're angry with me ;) and =P

PPS #7, focus man, focus.
No longer playing for a long period of time. If i am logged on its only to check up on mails which i get...

Decrous is not leaving yet...
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