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I wonder why it become like this...

AuthorI wonder why it become like this...
I feel weird why Wolfhound don't have speacial abilities like others tier 3 creature...

Swordmen - Stun , Large Shield
Ghost - Incorporeal
Minotaur - Bravery
Elven Bowmen - Double Shots
Orc - Bloodlust
Golem - 50% Magic Shield
Wolfhound - Nothing except the unique racial ability

I wonder why Wolfhound is except to get speacial ability...

So do the admin forgot to put something on it?

For Moderator : Don't ban , im asking here and hope i post at a true forum.
The game is copied from Heroes of Might and Magic V and the wolfhounds there have also no abilitys.
Wolfhound - demonic (gating)
And they got more speed and initiative than others.
Wolfhounds are fast and with good inisiate and also good attack and defence.
Well these wolves are pretty good without any special skill!!!
So do the admin forgot to put something on it?
No (but still couldn't be sure :p) But it's not necessary for ALL of them to have an ability right?
And upgraded wolfhounds (Cerberi) get a nice spray attack.
Ok, you have to wait till lvl 9 or 10 to get them, but it is one of the best T3 upgrade.
don't buy arts to increase ur initiative and speed if u don't think they make a diff:P
I dun think a wolfhound can kill a rogue

Wolfhoundx1 [Tier 3] VS Roguex1 [Tier 2]

Rgoue win... Even tier 2
dont dream...wolfs will win...
it is one of the best T3 upgrade.

definetely ... amazing speed, good ini, spray attack, no retal
I mean wolfhound not cerberi...
If you think hellhounds are weak, take incendiaries instead..

There is no need to wonder about why does this unit have more speed than others. Its same like why ghosts have lower HP? Why farmers are so so weak? There are no reasons, creatures and factions are just made that way with some balance.. Why necro is the only one who doesnt have abilities for tier 6 creature? :-O
to 9:wolfhounds have much more quatity than rogues even it is tier3 creature.

never compare with darkelf creatures.or else you will ask that why a zombie cant win a bandit
another stupid compare topic...its endless nowadays

learn how to use your own unit rather than ask here why this unit so weak
wolfhound will be strong after upgrade(cerberi)
To ghostzodi:

If you played DE, you will most likely ask why DE has so much less units than other factions...

So stop comparing with other factions; that's the way it is...

PS: I dun play DE either; juz 1 of my fd in rl who play DE says... :)
It's not just about a unit, it's about the togetherness of ALL your troops. Get it?
I just feeling weird...

Nothing to be comparing unit...
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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