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No Arts no Battles.... Admins, think!!!


AuthorNo Arts no Battles.... Admins, think!!!
Nowadays it's very hard to buy the 'most used artifacts'? So there R almost no challenges created in group battles!!!!
Everybody is saving for Hunts...

There are so little people online(1200 is treated like many))))
IF the situation DOESN"T CHANGE, many players will LEAVE!!!

Admins, think!!!
Oh Im so glad you are concerned. Maybe you will lower your prices for Medals of Bravery now instead of gorging yourself on profits? No worries though, I'll be taking care of that market shortly. That's how we roll :P
IMO nowaday, most used art eg. Reprisal sword, Defender sheild, Medal of courage is just difficult to buy not vary hard one(You have several second to buy). The very hard one is resource esp Gem(All out in first few second) But If patient enough you still can buy them at shift end.

The situation will change soon, and I will not leave the game because of this reason.

PS. I personally not preferred GB no matter of art problem.
for ra115:

Defender shield market is busted now. If the greed begins again we will take care of it.
So I'm guilty!!!)))))))
am I to blame???
I'm just using the situation....

This is not an answer of an Admin.
for buybuck:

Enjoy it while it lasts. Im gonna bust that market if I can :)
That's good....
Why did it happen?
This isn't adding popularity to the GAME!
for buybuck:

After they emptied everything, speculators came in to buy up all stock and keep it at zero so they could profit from the lack of arts. It took me a few days to drive the price into the ground and flood the market with shields at cost. Bravery Medals are harder to deal with because they only pump out 4 per hour.
+1 for Chuck

[evil voice] obey or be dominated.... [/evil voice]

Yeah, admins are slowly ruining this server; luckily i have an account on .ru
+1 for Chuck

[evil voice] *burp* lay off the market or else... [/evil voice]

hehe :D
^^@10: Not ruining, just tempting us.
>>> I have one acc there too, lucklily its inactive now ;)
I see some players can't take occasional shortages as a part of the game.

#1 Have you ever happen to come into groceries, ask for a bread and there was none? Didn't you have to go to another shop, where the broad was more expensive? Who did you shout on? ;-) Where did you leave :-P

This situation cost the players, who looses the click-wars after shift end, few hundreds of gold per artefact. Nothing serious.
Prices of Reprisal sword, Defender shield and Steel blade are slowly going down. Defender shield is being sold without profit right now. It won't be long and they will start filling stocks agin. Problems will stay with leather armor and medal of bravery. But world doesn't end here :-)

Generally, most of shortages are short-term. I still think this is either experiment of her majesty or effort to revive the economy.
this is retarded, just make min ap group battles..
dont take this server so seriously
its a sngle player server
dont take this server so seriously
its a sngle player server

See I told this.... this server is not run well((((
There should be something new (pleasant) to drive people here!!!
Its difficult to say what will happen, how the economy will envolve and if we r in the right way to prosperity... Just wait for now, is so soon to judge.

Btw i think that the dwarf faction took the gold and the stock from the mine-facilities.
the stupidest thing that ever happened was the work a holic rule and the min ap rule these two have ruined pvp and group battle i keep hoping that admins will do something but day in and day out no changes or even dialogue if we get anything it is vague promises that it will happen eventually... so sick of it
It's a good thing I am minorally rich:)
the stupidest thing that ever happened is people that keep whinging on the forums about nothing and giving no useful point of view. Admins, think!!! how is this a helpful point? What is the point in creating a topic like this? New players will look at a posts like these and think that they have nothing to look forward to as people who have been playing for a while do nothing but complain.

If you have something helpful to say post it in the ideas forum; if not and you just want to complain please go and play another game and leave this one to those of us that enjoy it.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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