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Dead Server!


AuthorDead Server!
This topic is to replace deleted thread
we need to do some reanimation, does anybody got adrenaline?! ;)
How much spell-power do you think is needed to rezz the server? :P
much, I think 200 knowledge and 666 spellpower, we need to ressurect the dragons from hell heh and destroy pier, cause pier is the problem from the beginning ;)
We have to donate to support the server , but the paypal way is unavailable so , No way to donate , no upgrades , no staff ( if the staff take a salary ) , etc etc ...
another way too look at it:
A dead server can be ressurected if people donates> Nobody donates on a dead server> Dead server > No one donates >...
Yeah but , Dead server because they cut the only one way to donate for european ppls or for who can only use paypal , so ur arguments for an half are true for the others -1 :P ( Joke )

Maybe this is not the right cause of the "dead server" , but maybe yes :|
A dead server can be ressurected if people donates

Do you really think so? I think that the admins won't turn their attention here even if I donate my house to them. It's just a lack of interest on their part, because if they really wanted money from this server, there were many other ways to get us to donate, none of which include ignoring the players and 0 work. Your logic should actually be more like this:

Admins don't care about the server > Nobody donates > Dead server > Admins finally get a good reason not to care > Server shuts down
Why do u all are still here so? O_O
Why do u all are still here so? O_O

We know, but we won't say!
I am still here because I like this game, I get a lot of enjoyment from it, have many friends here & I wont give up hope while the server is still here.
So u are sure, but wont accept it... Well let's hope togheter.
MHow much spell-power do you think is needed to rezz the server? :P

More than we have obviously :P
Its still there, what is deleted?
Just because we have an extremely smaller community doesn't mean that we will shut down the server. Still many enthusiastic players are here. I was just introduced to this game a few months ago, and I'm practically hooked to it like vodka. Even if this server gets more players and more ways to donate, etc. , I will still play even if my 621 hours in counting will be wasted! Still many new friends to make and more features to unlock...We can't give up hope! But yes, it does seem our server is dead. We've fallen into the Dark Ages again, like last year, after the 'Grand Update.' Been about 6 months since that, and only tidbits of new features. It seemed admins were enthusiastic in the beginning, but they've turned their back on the community. The Military Clan update is just to possibly have us donate more; we most likely will never have a war with the dwarfs or control the facilities at this rate. Even factories and facilities are running out of money! All the updates were just to get us enthusiastic, and fall into despair again...
I guess he meant that one is locked...
We are waiting for a miracle:)
ye maybe santa will come faster this year

maybe one of admin is chuck norris? and have no time for little ppl like us?
It really is a shame i like this game so much...would be doing me a favor for it to shut down in one hand...but would be killing a piece of my daily routine with another--and that would suck. Guess I'd go back to playing chess -_-
maybe one of admin is chuck norris?

Chuck Norris wins Survival Tournaments.

Sorry, couldn't help ^_^
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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