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Dead Server!


AuthorDead Server!
Guess I'd go back to playing chess
Lol ironic, I was thinking the same while on vacation. Though chess cant compensate for Lordswm for me - even on holiday for a week and I feel the pinch of not doing at least a trio of hunt,MG, and Ambush per day. Oh well...
sigh Arctic has been away from this server for 9 days..tomorrow it will be 10th days :)

hurray for that..server is dying
It would be better to have the dwarf wars, etc, but what's the problem? The basic parts of the game that got you playing, hunts, ambushes, merc quests are still there. We have the fortnightly survival tournament.

If Arctic does a burst of activity every 6 months, that will do for me.
I've never seen this Arctic , is this a bad thing ? xD
Hey Admin!
Bring the Dwarf here!
Additional post
The last thing brought by Admin was the USELESS Valentine event. We don't need that SILLY thing
Hey guys, I joined LWM quite a few days ago. I have really been enjoying the game its a great concept and I'm learning new stuff everyday.

I've played a few browser mmorpgs and from my experience the popular ones are those that care about the players and are more newbie friendly.

One thing I do think would help new players is to have a better game manual like for instance i never knew that group battles started at the end of the timer OR when it fills up so I joined a 30min timed battle and came back half an hour later to -2 moral.

also the admins here do seam to be a bit too strict, I posted an afk in the queries section when i was lvl 2 (I was not allowed to post anywhere else)me thinking i was helping out by posting an afk got a warning for doing something where I had no choice otherwise than not to warn people.

Even now i'm nervous to post this message in fear of big brother and the big ban hammer.
I was hoping, that i will give my account to my child, and he will give it to his child and so on so on ^^ man admins, LORDSWM is a culture ;)
for MeniX:

You are going to enjoy the game for at least a full year before feeling the boredom. This is a fantastic game because it's various and well structured. It's so easy to fall in love with it!

But as it's easy to understand, with the proper development this game would never bring you bore. It has an incredible potential! Once I've said that it's like a Ferrai, a rusty Ferrari locked into a garage! This is the real pity. I've played a dozen of online games and I don't miss them at all. This one is different, it is dying because no one is going to feed it.

There are big problem to be solved by the administrators of the game, I understand this cause I've managed a few things in my life. But this is not a good reason for letting the server die.
Totally Agree.
The last thing brought by Admin was the USELESS Valentine event. We don't need that SILLY thing

We want the dwarfs to invade us! We'll slit their throats and murder them by the thousands! It'd also be nice to have Military Clans finally intact too...
yeahh when the dwarvens come ? I am asking about that too and my answer At the Birthday of this server
when is the birth day of the server ?
31 March if I am not wrong
server is stagnating, but is not dead. it will be dead when they'll pull the plug. for now, that server keeps running. so it's not dead. call it hibernation...

think about that: somebody pays the bills for that computer/energy/internet/space

maybe it will soon die, or maybe will get reborn like the Pheonix bird... but game is still enjoyable the way it is. maybe hardest pain comes from thinking how much better it could be, and looking at the .ru mirror and even see with your own eyes how much better it ... is not (yet).

community is still very much alive. and it lives and thrives just because somebody keeps paying the bills. it can't be dead. not yet at least.

frustrating, i know. maybe there are reasons for being the way it is. let's not hope anymore. let's not loose hope either. let's just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. one never knows what tomorrow will bring.
At last D:
for naviron:

nice post!
Not only dead server, but also no triggering elements or no triggering elements that have a higher value... :-(

I can not stand this cheap elements anymore....

limustudotcom was already talking about it, but i think they are all gone here who were responsible for this server... Only the last peaces of a anarchic system that are playing sheriff here remain and trying to push people down with pressure.

My grandmaster said always:"Dead is dead" and I say:"A server is dead when there is no "massacre" for the people..."

We all need some action.Admins were promising too much and there are no serious actions here.
you know what is crazy? i understand people that say enjoy the game it is still fun and those that say this one is dead but you know what i dont hear at all? the admins. they have not spoken to us at all and the only thing we get from them is a really crappy valentine day thing (honestly that was sooooo lame) and i also agree that the mods should take it a bit easier. maybe if everyone breaks the rules admins will come back?
You know maybe we should change the thread name and make a "Save the Server Admins" thread instead!

By the way if the admins are not doing anything then what/who is making the waves for the survival tournaments (someone made a auto-wave generating algorithm?)
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