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Caravans decrease after loss

AuthorCaravans decrease after loss
As this topic is already obsolete:
I have to start new one

Here is nice simple example how pitiful is the decrease of caravan after loss

86 Devils
13 Mistresses
39 Succubi

after loss came this one:

84 Devils
0 Mistresses
44 Succubi

after another loss I got:

82 Devils
14 Mistresses
21 Succubi

I did all 3 caravans with same arts within last few days. So this is the proof that decrease rate is smaller than 2,5% and its really irrelevant.
The old decrease rate people used was 2%. Looking at your examples I would say 2% looks correct given the dynamic balancing.
It doesn't matter much as long as the increase is in proportion to this decrease. If you keep the same sort of arts you will eventually win 40% of caravans or whatever the stable win-loss ratio is.
Though I also remember one of the other rates people used was 5%. So if using that rate, I would say there's something wrong.

But who knows, this could still be part of the V-day update where not only were the formula coefficients changed, but maybe a few new variables were added.

But keep the examples coming. Many players are interested in how this works.
I have a few examples of demon caravans, i hope it can help (but not only decrease also in increase) :

I lost to this one :
6 hell Horses
60 Cerberi
258 Wolfhounds

after i lost it became (i won this one) :
4 Devils
177 Cerberi

after i won, it became (i won again) :
4 Devils
162 Cerberi
49 Wolfhound

after i won, it became (i won again) :
13 Hell horses
248 Cerberi

after i won,it became :
8 Hell horses
97 Cerberi
282 Wolfhound
and i lost this last one

All of them with min art, almost same arts (i use hauberk in some ambushes above)
Hmm the rate of 2% should be counted by the damages, attack, defence and HPs of the creatures come ..
Another examples with DE Caravans :

I loss to this one
20 Hydras
131 Rogues
139 Shrews

after i loss, it became :
28 Liz Cavalry
116 Rogues
149 Shrews

after i loss again, it became :
28 Hydras
122 Rogues
110 Shrews
I just met same type of DE caravan. Now it became :
7 Liz Cavalry
110 Rogue
151 Shrew
There isn't only ONE caravan for each faction. There are more. And when you lose ONE, only that ONE gets easier.
oh really...
come on ...if you have nothing to add to the topic please dont post.
oh really...
come on ...if you have nothing to add to the topic please dont post

for me that info was usefull couse i didnt know...
[Post deleted by moderator Sven91 // not true]
and this one typed above is one of them, for further notice try use the witchhammer forum, plz keep on showing caravan loss/win , would be lovely to figure out the rate
TO SVEN : sorry for the wrong info .. but how many types each caravan has ? Forgive me

any next off topic post will be deleted.
If you have questions about caravans go to Queries and Help.
They are simply trying to figure out by how much % the caravans strenght is increased / decreased if you win / lose.
I share my caravans data. All of them are played after valentine update when admins raised power for DE players so all data are comparable. It is excel and orange cells mean lost caravan, green cells mean won caravan. everything played with same art. Oldest are on the right, newest on the left so you have to read from right to left to see the progress
I played more than 250 caravans from valentine so there is enough data to study:)

i would be inetrested to know the minimum caravans strength.. the point where you know that even when you lose it won't make it easiern ext time
for Wurmtog:
Minimum caravan strength is very difficult to pin down, but in general I would estimate 3:1 loss ratio in order for someone reach that limit (this is assuming it even exists).
barbarian caravans at level 13 are almost impossible:


These are the decreased versions. Especially the second one is really impossible.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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