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Caravan Problem


AuthorCaravan Problem
Anyone noticed the amount of caravan increased dramatically in recent days.
02-12-10 16:43: MoxSapphire[13] vs Caravan of demons
02-14-10 18:12: MoxSapphire[13] vs Caravan of demons

I never meet the same kind of caravan between two fights, but, the number of Devils change from 12 -> 26, obviously, it's not a 7% increase.

It seems at the same time, the AI start to do weird things. Could adminstrator or someone else give an explaination of that? Thanks
recently on .ru the AI got a lot of changes, now they have different priorities.
So it also possible that admins applied it on our server as well.
Probably strength of caravans were also changed.
Admin definitely knows what happens on the caravan. i got the same issue this weekend. the amount of caravan jumped dramatically. maybe somebody believes this game's difficulty is till not tough enough.
i didn't see any priority change. only the strength increased.
If anything, I think my caravans jumped down in difficulty. I used to need full enchanted arts in order to win half of my caravans. Now I can actually win with much less arts.
they have gotten smarter =(
in the past,shrews were always first target and then witches,
however,today's shooters killed my lizs and minos when I still had twenty more shrews left .

by the way,I agree with MoxSapphire that caravans become stronger.
1: It only looks like one variation of this type of caravan. In first battle you had more cerberi in 3 stacks and less devils, in second battle you had only 1 stack of cerberi and 3 stacks of hell hounds with lower counts. So, less hounds = more devils.
i didn't see any priority change. only the strength increased.
look at my last battle

now they trying to take answer and hit only this stack.
Also they do some stupid thing which they have not done before:
they prefer to kill 3 real Cerberus instead 6 called.
Or even 1 called cerberus instead more dangerous stacks.

If they have not changed priorities I could not have won this battle, but I did.
the AI changed. for example on .ru i cannot prevent magic attacks any longer. i did it by placing my gargs in a crowd of weak troops. but now the caravan heroes attack me anyways with spikes, even when it means killing their own units! and they friggin dont target my mechanical golems with 100% priority any more! he was so good retaliating everything :D
the AI even changed in hunt
during my last hunt, druids didnt cast lightning as often as usual since i had "magic mirror" as my talent.
they even held the mana and used melee attack instead.
they have become smarter.
in my hunts I see sometimes stacks going for my shooters (even if they cannot reach them) instead of attacking another stack (at reach)
I see it ... the difficulty of the caravans was too hard to solve .. :) But yeahh some AI at .ru are applied here ... also some Features too ^^
So, less hounds = more devils.

Come on, that's not true. That's 14 devils increasing, not 4.
So, less hounds = more devils.

That's true.

In caravan variation, Cerberi was consider much more superior than hound. So In view of change from 196 C + 46 H to 78 C + 162 H is much reduce difficulty. Then devil count need to much increase. Although this not make sense to player, but their (Programmer) logic in this game is sometime weird as you can see in other aspect.
Ai has become better indeed. Ai starts shoooting stacks blocking other shooters. For example in necromancers brigands skele bows try to enable shooting for the other stacks rather than attacking dangerous stacks.
In case of necro its a good thing but it makes Knightsbrigands at high level almost impossible...
Good for Wizards.
We are invulnerable to tactic ;)
A perfect example where the "improvement" made them even dumber!
I just can't resist on laughing at their strategy!
#7 & #14

Nope. 7% change won't be that much. I have 1000+ TG wins so I know how caravan changes. GM must change the strength of caravan in recent 2~3 days. I wonder it's only for DE or for all fractions?
For #7 & 14

Look at these two battles
How do you illustrate these. I lose in the first battle, however, the amount still increase a lot.


to me it seems like the caravans has become a lot easier lately. And in hunts the creatures seem a lot stupider, in one of my latest hunts, a stack of 160 efks decided to attack my ogres, instead of my full stack of orcs..
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