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Caravan Problem


AuthorCaravan Problem
For # 19

I have to admit that I also cannot explain about it. I thoroughly check your log but still cannot explain. May be they(admin) really increase difficulty during that 22/1/10 to 15/2/10. (May be they wrongly swap difficulty between farmer and recruit?)

But I still insist that the example in #1 is not strange or wrong. It's just variation.

From my lower experience about theiving as DE, I don't notice much different during past 2 month about difficulty.

havent done TG for a long time, last time i did it was during new years eve, and before that i did TG to get 120 wins from lvl 6 to lvl 8 to return a thief guild invite

LOL luckily i had barrier, 3 mithril armor items and a cape of winds
for those already losing too many, the change may not be significant. lol
the difficulty has increased, which is just a fact.
not sure the purpose of the admin, keep damaging the best feature of this game?
I've been ambushing a lot during last few days and didn't notice any change at caravan numbers. AI has changed but numbers on all the caravans I met seem to be more or less the same as usual. Will probably have to check again as wizard next week to see whether the changes that are mentioned in this thread are maybe faction specific.
do you use DE?
nope ambushing as demon - that's why i said it might be faction specific.
Its maybe the fact that they target Vampires now first (We dont know why, its not even our strongest units), maybe thats why it seems so hard to win a single ambushes (Full Arts) against Demons. Ive managed to kill half of it.
Its maybe the fact that they target Vampires now first
If you drop vitality, first target will be skellies.

As for caravan numbers, i didn't notice any change as necro.
Haven't done new caravans with DE...but I am glad they're harder. They were too damned easy before.
02-15-10 19:22: Pantheon[12] vs Caravan of demons

02-17-10 05:21: Pantheon[12] vs Caravan of demons

I think the formula was rewritten. Caravans are supposed to get harder by ~7% after a win, but here it looks like ~16%.
Maybe they increased the drop rate too,they should be getting easyer now too as you loose.

As for my barb I dont feel much of a change,expect that AIs attack 13 ogre magis instead of my 52 chiefs Oo!!

My win rate has increased significaly since this chnage was implented..thx admins xD
Its maybe the fact that they target Vampires now first (We dont know why, its not even our strongest units)

They always targeted my vamp first,dont know for yours >_>!
DE caravans would smack it will lighting and shrews/rogues attacked vamp too instead of skele..I cant find the link to that battle atm.

I think there is definately something going on with the AI
as a Knight, most of my thief battles have become impossible with the new AI!
Look at this fight:


There is no way that I would be able to beat that! Nearly 400 shrews in the middle is just obscene! I think as DE would have a hard time with this caravan as well.
for Javi:
Not that I don't agree with you, but I've seen slightly more troops in my caravans: ~400 shrews and ~200 soldier minos; and that was before the supposed changes.

I may exaggerated a bit in my assessment, but Knights have always had the toughest caravans and this one was no different. Full arts and expert defense did nothing to keep the shrews from ripping me apart.

I really don't see why Knights are given the hardest caravans. We are not built for thief battles. Our only "fast" troops are griffs and cavalry (at lvl 14, Angels are borderline fast) and our "bread and butter" (the guardians) are painfully slow. We might have some of the largest armies in the game, but we need those numbers to survive the waves of enemy troops moving before ours.

My point is that the TG system was fine as it was and did not need to be made more difficult.
for Javi:
That's why I no longer switch back to knight. I reached TG4 as a knight. After that during level 9-10 I switched back and forth to DE and I found that doing TG was much easier as a DE.
Nice example how system "lowers" difficulty. After losing wizard caravan, next one was not only much more dangerous, but had 21% more total HP as well. So I really wonder which parametr is significant to raise or lower difficulty.

I've watched those battles, and one interesting thing is you where wearing only min ap in the first one, whereas you had about 30 AP in the second. Maybe they added an ap factor to caravans.
Whatever it is they did to the caravans, I don't like it!

150+ ogres!? That is impossible to beat especially since they kill your retal takers before you get a chance to use them! My guards were slaughtered in 2 O_O hits!
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