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Server shutdown - What are you guys talking about??? ...


AuthorServer shutdown - What are you guys talking about??? ...
Mayb it's countdown for server close >.<

Well, maybe it's only me, who is bothered, but I don't
understand why are you all saying these things. I hadn't noticed a single sign from admins, that this server would shut down. Ok, we don't really get any updates, however it has been always like this, for more than a year now. Eventually we got .ru-s updates in a great bunch.
Why are everyone making the panic? This game is still FREE if you haven't noticed, and there are many players still enjoying it, even without updates.

Feel free to discuss, express your feelings. I intended this topic not for fun, rather to cleanse the blur that covers the nowadays trendy "OMG the server is dead" "we all gonna die" etc topics...
well seriously I hate such topics this game has so many things to do it just makes me stick to my PC and then also why people whine for updates.

I'm NOT saying that updates is not a good thing but we have many things to do other than whinning for updates.
He HAS a point. I mean, more than a half year ago, everyone kept on whining about the lack of updates. Then, there came this grand update, that changed everything. Now, i don't know if this will happen again, but you all should be glad there actually WAS a grand update.
Let us wait till the anniversary of this server I believe there will be some updates
Can anyone plz tell me when is the anniversary? i wanna know the exact date!
so, you prefer to spread misleading, unproved information to create panic among community with your lovely title?
I don't think there will be updates.. But I'm almost sure about the 'no durability losing'.. It's not too hard to implement this thing as it has also been last year ( and maybe 2 years ago too? I hadn't been playing this game yet).
BTW, some updates may come once, I don't think they are planning to close this game ( Now I'm not really sure if they've bought this domain for life-time or they're just paying sth per month. In the first case, I don't see any reason to close this domain as I think some people are still buying diamonds )

Well I don't agree with you. Those who read the forums are encountering the same titles for weeks now. If they care, they can have their time to read this topic to see: NONE HAS EVER SAID ANY OFFICIAL about server shutdown.

At least I did not write in full caps, titles like this: "server is dead"

Also my information is neither proved, nor unproved, as it is a question :P
so, you prefer to spread misleading, unproved information to create panic among community with your lovely title?

I personally think the title is very relevant. I have also posted in various other threads that these "rumour" by a very few people that the server will be closing are just this "rumours" spread by some people who are probably just just dis-satisified for their own reasons with the game.

There is no basis for these posts, admins have not only not said the server will close but have in fact not even hinted that this may be the case.

The game continues to be very stable and most of us continue to find it fun and worthwhile to play which is why so many of us are still here.

The admins have always concentrated the majority of their time on .ru and will in all probability continue to do so however much we may wish more attention here but our game goes on.

I hope that others will stop posting scare mongering topics with nothing to back them up and think SpellBlaster has made a very relevant thread,
Thanks DiN for these pieces of information. Now at least I have found the peace of mind, and hopefully those also who read this topic.

Maybe there should be a sticked topic on the first page, with title:
"The server is not going to be shut down!" ;)

Don't know if this thread needs to be closed, or does it need further discussion. Maybe a higher power will decide it.
For me, the game is fun even without any updates. I still have plenty of things to do, so it's not yet boring for me as others whine around.

I'm not execting a new faction, any wars, new regions or new guilds. Still, some things can be improved, for example, the way cheaters are being handled.

The server probably won't be shut down. It's bringing money anyway and it's not wasting the admins time, so it's a good business for them.

you can always use a better title for a topic. indeed, it attract players to get in to read but at the same time it also generate panic while other didnt get in and read.

biases ? yeah, i would just lock this topic if i m going to be bias.
for Spellblaster:
I wouldn't be so sure about that. Don't you guys think that's a little odd that Arctic barely shows his face around here? I have seen some conversations that tell me that this server could either keep operating forever or shut down any minute (WGW members know exactly what I'm talking about). I am optimistic that this game will continue operating.
#14 - The whole point of this thread as far as I can tell was to try show these rumours for what they are, just rumours.

Obviously any server on the internet could close down any minute (or run for years). However as no one here knows what the admins thoughts are then there is no real point in repeating this kind of statement?

Just because the rumours are also circulating in WGW or any other group of players does make them any more or less likely. It just shows the people spreading them are doing what they set out to do.

The admins have not posted or said anything (correct me if I am wrong) giving any credence to this or even suggesting it has or is being considered. The lack of Arctic (or admins) in general is nothing new.

Officially there has been no announcement to question this servers future in any way so why make one up or try and make people feel unsettled unless you have some proof to back up what you are saying.?
I don't want to say too much, but even Arctic is unsure of the situation and is reluctant to say anything publicly. However, I see your point and these are just rumors.
As for proof, this is a start:

There are newer conversations that I am not allowed to share with the general population.

But until Empire or Administration say anything official, you are correct. These are just rumors and we should enjoy the game while we still can.
Only one thing: Don't let this become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If enough people declare this server dead and leave or cause other people to leave, this server is dead.
The whole point of this thread as far as I can tell was to try show these rumours for what they are, just rumours.

Yes, thats because Arctic doesnt talk to everyone.
Some people know more than other people do...


But to tell the truth, apart from lack of interest, the admins are facing some legal problems in regards of this server. It is what I meant when I said itsfuture is in question. (c) Arctic
One thing for sure... Maxim register this server until October 16th, 2011.

Is he going to close this server BEFORE the mentioned date?? Let's wait and see
i dont know what are you whining about
i am a junior programer and i know how hard it is to create a program for calculating the sum and the remainder ,and i can only dream about creating a game like this
so if you want upgrades why dont you go on your computer and help the admins by creating your own upgrades!! And because im sure that really little people know how to create programs then help the admins on another way,BUY DIAMONDS!!!

sry about the caps i had somehow to highlight those words
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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