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Server shutdown - What are you guys talking about??? ...


AuthorServer shutdown - What are you guys talking about??? ...
A good solution for both players and administrators would be to: make a language option on the russian server (russian/english) and transfer all the accounts on this server to the russian server.

Players here won't complain about updates or about another better server and the administrators would have more players where they want to.
That would be almost impossible as even if they used the English translations for the pages. The forums would still be in Russian, Battle chat would be mainly Russian and even battle descriptions etc.

I have tried a few multi-lingual games and they only work if you speak the "normal" language. Effectively though the game is spoiled for the native language speakers (whatever this is) as they get loads of other languages appearing all over the place cluttering and confusing things & the game is spoiled for the other language speakers as they can not follow what is happening in forums/chat/etc.

If translation software was better then maybe it would be otherwise but even the commercial paid for translation software is not good for informal text in forums or chat.

I have never looked to see what I am missing on .ru and am therefore reasonably happy with what we have here for now. If we get upgrades then great, if we dont then I will still enjoy it.

The only thing I wish we had was a bit more admin support to answer some questions, give us some feedback and of course kill all the cheats.

Bottom line is our game on .com is what it is. We have no control over changing it.
You could have two forum categories. One for russian-language, one for english language. And you'd only join battles of wich descriptions you understand.

And for the english translation of the game... you're already using it now.

I'm happy here too, I was presenting a simple way of pleasing both users and admins.
:p I was replying to #40. I did not notice that you had posted while I was writing.

#41 That may work if admins will do it.

i totally disagree...look the www and tell me where is the better potential ? in my eayes the russion server is just a beta and only the profed updates are comming to .com .. .ru is not more than a beta thats all.. if you want to create a good game with a crowded server you have to go to a com server.( btw i never look a webside with a .ru behind ) ..open the game to a great community and dont let some little core of players bother the admins work... this game is great ;-) and our community is better than a beta community :-)
#46 You could get volunteers to translate this game into 50 languages if you'd want to. That's not the hard part.
1. Those volunteers need to have some basic programming skills.
2. Admins must be willing to let those volunteers have access to the source code.
You don't need programming skills to translate some texts and you don't need acces to the source code.

You could make lang files that people would translate.

As an example, this topic page would have a lang file that conteins:

$lang[submit]="Post message (CTRL+Enter)"
$lang[back]="Back to topics list"

You'd just have to change the texts. Depending on the language you select in the game, a different files with texts would be loaded. No need to see the code, no need to have programming skills.
That's actually part of the code. It depends on how the original was written. If everything was written one single file, then in order to make even the most minor change, you need full access. I would guess the game is probably written into several major segments, but I doubt it is structured with a language file that controls all the text from the forums, to the arts, to the interface, and future updates.

Why do I think so?
1. A complete language file that controls everything is a little convenient, isn't it? It requires pre-planning and extra work to do this. Since .ru was made a year in advance, then this becomes less likely.
2. We have had several instances of Russian text (and Russian text format) appearing on our server. If there was a convenient language file, then admins would not have overlooked the translation part so many times when they ported updates over.
3. Some updates such as Sound Effects has nothing to do with language. These updates reinforces my belief that the original source code was not structured to be ported or easily translated.
4. We have 2 servers and not a language option. This server just looks like the admins copied over some source code, modified, and translated it.

I have a background in computer programming so I know that the original planning makes all the difference. Future changes heavily depend on your original plans and how you structured your code.

Anyway I hope you are the one who's correct. It would make account transfers, language options, and .com getting all the .ru updates very easy.
The admins could only work to change the code so it could support different languages included from other files. Then they'd just let others do the translation. So no one sees their code.

Each time they plan to release an update, they could also release the lang files in russian and let someone translate it. If they release an art, all they need to do is translate it's description and it's name.
Guys, you are fantastic!

Thanks to Javi, in the first page of this topic you had the chance to read something written by Arctic in a confidential way and you are stil debating about nothing. It's amazing!!

FACTS are simple:

1 - There are some copyright problems and this is probably the reason behind 2 years of low profile server life.

2 - Admins are going to decide if they have any advantage in trying to face the problems related to .com (copyright and development problems).

3 - We are on a critical phase, dancing on the edges.

4 - Arctic is forced to keep the server without improvements.

So please, let's stop talking about nonsence and let's hope together the server will last. But don't feel too optimistic
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