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DE Guide


AuthorDE Guide
Few months ago i was approached and asked if i would write a guide for DE.

Do you guys want a guide written for DE by myself and Kiskoko?
oh yes :) from the masters themselves, some sort of "secret" manual
I could use it for sure :D
the faster the better :)
Would be awesome, especially for those who are thinking of switching to DE in later levels. :D

Will be well appreciated for sure!
yes, please :)
that would be great, sir.
Sure be appreciated by starters and newbies as Dark Elves.
I'm sure we'd all want guide written by masters of DE, MasterTI and Kiskoko.
that wold be cool the chapions teach me its so cool
Yes!Yes! But you dun have to explain the trick about 'hit and run'.
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Creative works".
for StupidKid:
I know _ but we can explain how to hitrun up to speed 10 :P

for Pang:
If i choose might as a Dark Elf, that skill 'magic pear' is wasted?
If i choose might as a Dark Elf, that skill 'magic pear' is wasted?

yes, please :)
I wanna change my faction if i have 50k=(
Can you teach me how to defeat a elf at level 5?
for StupidKid:

I see your a magic DE.I can show you a way to win.First,you need to magic arrow,and kill bowmen.Next,your Lizards have 6 speed,you can go up three spaces and then be ready to charge at Druids.Go with more Rouges than Minotaurs.And you can hit and run on FKs/Sprites.
for Malz:

U see, Elven Bowmen will shoot my Rouges and the Druids will lightning my rouges, and my Rouges will all be killed, i use magic arrow and 2 elven bowmen die, next ,they will kill my lizad calvary, i left minotaur, i can kill about 1-5 fk and the elven bowmen,druids and forestkeeper will kill me=( your plan dun work
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