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Which is better faction in level 5?


AuthorWhich is better faction in level 5?
Which is better faction in level 5? Barbarian or Demon?
in level 5 its the barbrian, i think:
he beats
-Dark elves
and demons

-against elves you win 50%

at level 6 as a barbarian you win against:
-dark elves
-and now against elves

-only not against demons

That was the Pvp. for Pve i cant say it, but i think barb because of hobgoblins...
why in level 6 barbarian cant defeat demon?
You can try all as you like. Necro is great!
ot: I love Indonesia
[Post deleted by moderator EROCS // English only.]
I know you are Indonesian... But English still the main Language here. If you want to talk other language then PM is the way.

Anyway , for level 5 I would recommended Barbarian or Knight.
their is no such thing as a "best faction" all factions are good in their own unique way, barbs have magic resistance + they do a lot of damage, however that doesn't mean they are the best specially cause of hobs, cause they die very quick
im sorry, but i think level 5 barb is one of the worst, because it has very bad recruiting. and it is not true that lvl 5 barbs beat wizards, im a wizard and on level 5 i beat every barb that i battled. in fact i used to ask for barbs to battle me.

on level 6 barbs become much better, but i wouldn't say they are the best - it depends on the context.
sorry qulows i disagree with you i think that barbs are unbeatable from 5 to 7
especially against wizards
demons rule starting from 1st up to second and again from the 3rd and on. Barbs have very cool second up. if you plan working on both, then share hunts and pvps :)
@9 wizards very rarely have a chance against barb starting from 5th skill, the same goes for magic-oriented demons
of course barb

i play a barbarian on ru server. i did 12 duels against wizzards at level 5:
i won 10 times, i time he get afk, and 1 time i lost. i had 6 ap, they 10 and they had really no chance, all riders and ogers survived...
so qulows is a liar?
It was possible for me to win any other faction in duel as a wizard at Lv 5, full-arted condition.

Only problem I faced is fighting another wizard, I lost all 3 because my Magi has less initiative. (That was out of 20 battles during minor tournament on the other server)
At lv5 DE can beat barbarian without having problems (i guess all factions can, with good tactic). Wolf/Hobgoblins get killed easily by magic arrow/rogues, ogres aren't very good against DE's, because they are simply too slow and orcs can shoot just one time usually, before rogues kill them.
On lv6 higher amount of orcs make it a bit harder, but with right tactics they're still quite easy to kill.
to 16:
how can your rogues kill orc under the condition that you have efficient magic arrow(this assumes that you are a magic de,then your attack and defence will be low)?
in fact,de at level 5-7 are really weak.might de are nothing without shrews,and magic de are completely uncomparable with wizard.
for _Indonesia_:
The best in dueals on 5 lvl - is Wuzard.
i was going to go through my combat log and find some battles where i, a wizard, beat a barb, on level 5, but the battle link is not working:


if anyone knows what is wrong, please tell me and the rest of these people so that they can see a lvl 5 wizard beating a lvl 5 barb (at least, i think it was a barb since his name is great_barb).
ime elves are best for lv5 pvp.. druids in small stacks
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