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[Auction] Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] from 1 gold


Author[Auction] Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] from 1 gold
The auction has been end.

The hiding place: in this thread :p
Look at the the date of the opening of the thread: 2010-06-26
If you multiple the three number together, you will get my hidden price: 2010*6*26 = 313560 gold

The highest bid: 300006 from warrior49, which is not over my hidden 313,560 gold, so I will not sell my sword.

Since my sword isn't sold successfully, so no Hidden Price Hunting Prizes will be given. Plus, there is no qualified guess yet: none met the qualification in post #76 (guess with bidding, and bid price > your guess)

I will leave this thread open for 1 more day, to give you a chance to discuss how those hits are pointed to the hidden place or price. :p

Although I am not able to sell my sword successfully in this auction, the guessing game is funny, I enjoyed it. I saw a lot of interesting guesses, and some of them are surprised me, while some are closed to my hidden price. I hope it did bring you some fun too.

If you still want to buy the sword, please contact me in private mail with your reasonable offer. I am still willing to sell it and some of my other enchanted arts for a right price:

Also, if you want to test out the power of those enchanted arts, I am leasing them too:

Anyway, enjoy the LWM game. :D
"why didn't I think about it earlier?"

Very nice binghuo!

My ID : Survive
My Bid :
my guess of hidden price : 318000
The hidden place : https://www.lordswm.com/plstats_hunters.php?level=14&race=3&mid=deephydra#deephydra[/quo te]

so close :(
In case you want to buy it, I posted the auction on market for 3 days:

The topic is closed. Thanks for your supporting! :D
closed by Lord binghuo (2010-07-05 00:09:05)
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