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[Auction] Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] from 1 gold


Author[Auction] Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] from 1 gold
I refuse to take part
And when auction will be closed?

It will be closed when my hidden price is reached. After the trading, I will release my hidden price. :D

If it isn't reached after 10 days of the auction, the auction will be closed too. In the case, I may consider sell it to the highest offer.
ppl think that this lot is present with not high price. and topic starter create some fun game where with not high bid u can win prity good thing.

but looks like its joke. binghuo sad when my hidden price is reached
there we can say that price higer then 270k. nah - thats not game. that just simple lot and siple auc
Nah! The price is over 290k. It just like common market
yup, but there is one big advantage for binghou.
if he sets an auction on the market you see his minimum and his maximum price, max duration of the auction is 3 days and if you are lucky you can get it for a good price (if his desired minimum price is too high you don't bid at all).

With THIS kind of "auction" you will get NOTHING if binghou doesn't accept the highest bid.

Watch this thread:

where binghuo offers used arts for incredible high prices,
including this one
Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] [17/50] = 744k

Check the market - you get 4*10 enchanted arts with full durability
much cheaper than his offers.
for molstesss:

If you check that thread more carefully, you should notice that those "high prices" are based on full durability, and I stated that I would like to give a big discount. For example:

Platemail [A5W5][22/46] = 105k (sold at 20k)
Heavy mithril coif [D8A8F8] [70/70] = 333k (element+arts cost about 370k, but sold at 290k with full durability)

So what will be my price for Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] [17/50]? A mystery. It's the game part. :D

It's already set, and hidden somewhere in the game. From the clues above, it's somewhere between 280k to 500k (where are the clues? read this thread again :p)

Should I give more clues? Maybe in future, let's leave some mystery at the moment. But I can tell that it's not far away already. :)
Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] [17/50] :: max. real price ca. 300.000 :: for use 44%

but you can have

Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] 27/68 for 549.999 Gold :: max. real price ca. 600.000 :: for use 82% => 50.000 discount

i think, for 17/50 ca. 100.000 discount is OK => real price ca. 200.000.

My bid - 202.202 Gold ;)
1 gold



nm, its not actually it
<><><><><><> Hidden Price Hunting Prizes <><><><><><>

OK, to bring more fun to the Funny Auction of Head-off, I would like to throw in 3 prizes for the hunting of my "hidden price".

Every new bidder is recommended to post your guess of my "hidden price", and a link of the hiding place of my "hidden price".
* To be qualified for the consideration of the final prizes, your guess should be between the current highest bid and your new bid:
the current highest bid < your guess of "hidden price" < your new bid < your total money (serious buyers only).
** Each bidder has max 10 chances of guess. After the 10 guesses, you can still bid and guess, but only first 10 guesses of yours will be considered for the prizes.

AFTER successful sale of my Mithril longsword [I10E10A10W10] [17/50], I will release my "hidden price" and its hiding place, and announce the winners of the 3 prizes:

1st Prize of Eye-Targeted: 100,000 gold.
If the final buyer guessed both of my hidden price and it hiding place rightly, he/she wins the 1st Prize of 100,000 gold.

2nd Prize of Head-Targeted: 10,000 gold.
The bidder with the closest guess wins the 2nd prize of 10,000 gold. If the final buyer didn't win the 1st Prize, then he is still qualified for the 2nd prize (and in this case, two 2n Prize will be given).

3rd Prize of Body-Targeted: 1,000 gold.
The bidder with the next closest guess win the 3rd prize of 1,000 gold.

Will you be the final winner? Let's start guessing and bidding. Enjoy the fun of the game! :p
The current highest bid is 300005 from warrior49. It's already very close to the head :)

Plz don't believe Chance12 in post #72: "I KNOW THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!". I didn't tell anyone my "hidden place".

BTW, to share with you. Chance12 sent me a pm: "is it the amount of gold u have??" My reply was "sorry, I won't tell, but it's wrong :p" and "the hidden price is lower than that :)" (at that moment, I have about 396k gold.) Is it another hint? :p

Ok, the hints I gave so far:
#1. less than 500k (post #56 + #49)
#2. higher than or equal to current bid (300005 in #69), but it's already close.
#3. less than 396k (should we thanks to Chance12? :p)

More hints may be given in future. :D
17 gold
hmm i dont have enough money but maybe the price its 348k :P
#3. less than 396k (should we thanks to Chance12? :p
I don't think we should do that :p

Anyway I think I can guess the number also the hiding place. But unlucky,I already have it. One is enough :)
Good luck to binghuo and all bidders/buyers!
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