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DARK ELF faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorDARK ELF faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
sorcery + fickle mana for hunts

wouldn't socery + mana recovery be better because we actually recover mana at all turns not just turns we cast a spell in??
i've finally upgraded bandits to poiseners....so i wanna know what recruiting i should take now?
for Farty_Pants:

In PvP, take Max. poisoners, max. minos and max. Liz.
In hunt, take max. Rogue, Max. Liz, few single reta-taker poisoners and rest in minos.
Poisoners may seem very weak on those levels, because their numbers are pathetic. But they may be very powerful against elves, orc, etc, when you can poison enemy shooters before they hit you.
And just for reminding, 1 Mino = 2 Poisoners 2 Poisoners have -3 HP and +1 defense when compared to minos, so they're nearly as durable.
Against necros, don't think about taking Poisoners. Poison doesn't work against Undead units, and rogues can quickly block those annoying skeleton bowmen.
lvl 6 talents for a might DE??
also wanted to know if my stats r al right for this lvl....do i enroll enough??

sry for double post!
anybody plz advise me!

i barely just won from a lower lvl...plz point out my mistakes...
n can anyone plz bother to answer my previous questions?
Basic offense and elemental call .. the best u can bring on, coz now fury means 16 TPs and u do not have that many .. :)
heres a eg for knight vs DE min arts:


just follow my tactics and u win for sure
and sry its lev 9 but i couldent do the duel b4 i lev and i know i got lucky coz of only 40 xbows and moral

i killed them with min AP!!! (knight invader)
if i encounter them again on this lvl i'll have to get enchanted arts....
tips plz!
Careful with which monk you hit to break the bowmen/crossbowmen wall. When the lizard gets its next turn, then it will be able to directly hit the bowmen.
Otherwise, you tactic is all fine :)
2 questions.
What does disruption ray do?
Does the potion of oblivions effect -10% initiative last indefinetly or will it wera out after some time? (I know it currently has no penalty, but nder usual circumstances does the initiativ ecome back after a while?)
Thank you
disruption ray decreases the defense of one stack of enemy creatures for the whole combat

the effect is temporary, i don't know how long it lasts
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