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DARK ELF faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorDARK ELF faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
for vishnus:
in which lvl? min AP or full?
lvl8 , min AP

i want a sample fight min arts lev 8 vs knight 2
anyone for 43 and 42?
None so far. It proves how weak DEs are and how strong knights are at lvl8.

what did i do wrong??
You got bad luck that both stacks got morale burst in their first turn...
yeah....it really was bad luck....
now, i have got 203 bowmen which is showing red!
i like to do hunts by myself so i'm gonna rent a master hunter set to eradicate the bowmen...so could anyone help me..advice!
its probably better to use minos - more health, and bows don't target them quickly. take a few small stacks of rogues and quickly block the bowmen, meanwhile bring liz and minos forward, but out of range. if lucky, you will get morale burst on rogue stacks so that you can block before the first bowmen chance. so, i say take basic leadership talent.
the rogues and minos can also be retal takers.

you could also watch the hunt records to find other strategies.
i have now changed to magic build....talent?

Okay, Magic build works, don't mind about what others may say :) Try to get LG4 before lv8, and play some min-AP GBs (so you can save hunts, those are hard as a magic-DE).

For talent there are two good choices for that level/build.

- Elemetal Call, it allows you to deal about 80 damage, which is enough for killing most of elf's bowmens, etc.

- Basic Erudition, it gives you the additional point for SP/Knowledge.

- If you take basic chaos magic, it doesn't affect to your delay, otherwise it has same effect as taking Bas. Erudition and putting the point to SP.
hi all
i am doing theif ambushes nowadays.so which talents,weapons,tactics,and weapons should i take to do?

could have i done better??
anyone for 52?
#41 anyone?

could have i done better??

indeed, by using rogues(2) to take retal of bowman wasnt good, u should had hit swords and stayed there. When minos came, you might be able to hurt them alot.Since you are magic DE, u arent much powerful as the knight, could had also stayed back :D i dont know much because im a might d.e hope it helped.
also, why did it take the rogues 2 turns to reach the bowmen? you should have kept each stack where it could reach the bows. even if grifs eliminate one stack, rogues could kill bows, and liz + mino could attack grifs.
what talents should we take
what talents are better for lvl 5-6?
huh it was long time ago, but assumed that a lvl5 has 10 talent points while a lvl6 has 15 points:

I would say u should take elemental call (if u are a magic DE) or luck (if u prefer might) on lvl5.
While on lvl6 u should take elemental call + sorcery (if u are a magic DE) for pvp, sorcery + fickle mana for hunts or luck/offense + elemental call (if u prefer might)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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