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In-game race-discrimination


AuthorIn-game race-discrimination
Do not joint those such battles .. :( It is bad .. many even told about "NO KNIGHTS, NECROS" .. :(
i cannot believe we are actually still discussing this lol
12 m. 3 vs 3 #587 vs all 10-10 vs 5-14, Optional 120
Wizards, Dwarves, Snow White and The Witch ONLY!!!!!
naviron[10] [Wizard] vs #365 athouba[5] [Knight] , #365Laitha[9] [Knight] , #365ZenoMX[13] [Wizard].

We humbly accept your battle invitation Naviron.
Athouba (hairy dwarf), Laitha (witch) and ZenoMX (wizard).
Athouba (hairy dwarf), Laitha (witch)
You didn't pass the 'lies detector', sorry...

ZenoMX (wizard)
DNA test result: *negative!* (reason: high concentration of impurities...)
Erm.. sorry, I may repeat someone... It is not a rule, what others write in description of battles. You may still join while you're not minAP/are mage/demon/fullart/have 7th lvl skill at 4th combat lvl, etc., and if other participants went afk, you can always report them to get them fined. You want relief for your conscience? There is no such one. Take it, or try looking for other measures (like to respect others _preferences_, not rules). OR, play your game. Even if it means that all the rest should suffer ;)
As 'pure-blood' wizard I must admit I sympathize with those who stand up to defend 'our' faction. However, I do want to point out the "International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination" which was adopted by the U.N. back in 1966 does only apply to those political entities (e.g. countries) that fall within the jurisdiction/influence of the United Nations. If the world in which the U.N. exists is "some sort of nightmarish virtual imagination" (to quote you, #23) does this then expand to include their policy against racial discrimination? In such a case there is no valid law existing in 'our real world' (LordsWM) to prevent occurrence of 'no wizards'-like texts in the GB descriptions, is there? After all, all the 'law' applicable here is laid down in the game rules (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5), and these only state character-nicknames are not allowed to incorporate "racial intolerance". Nothing about Group Battle descriptions in the rules... So we might not like it, it is not (yet) regulated here, and therefore it is allowed for. If you don't agree with the current situation, just write a letter to the Empress. Must work, after all, you seem to be quite close with her (#10). Maybe you can persuade her to do something about this 'grave situation' by royal decree or whatever :-P
Did we just go Matrixing so the UN applies for virtual worlds?
Also putting "no wiz" is NOT RACISM and no rule break at all too. Wizards are not a race of people, they are faction in an online game. That is quite a difference.
If racial discrimination is something we all of us agreed to denigrate and reject, then why would factional discrimination would be acceptable? Why would it be any different?

Might I also point out that in the LWM "legislation" the words 'race' and 'faction' are commonly interchanged as shows this very short excerpt:

Unique racial abilities

The world of Lords of W&M is populated by a great number of races and creatures. Lords of every faction have their unique features and control certain creatures. That is why, it is very important for the player to choose the most appropriate faction when beginning to play. Note that the character’s faction can be changed nearly anytime in your castle.

However, though other factions show unconcealed dislike for knights, the fact remains that they are a force to be taken into account.
For beginners and those who hesitate about their choice, necromancers are a perfect

Wizards consider themselves to be a dominating race on the Empire lands.
Their warriors are particularly strong in defense, and the magical spells of this faction are nearly the strongest.

Their warriors are particularly strong in defense, and the magical spells of this
faction are nearly the strongest.
Elvish faction is mostly chosen by calm and steady players who enjoy creative and defensive style of the game.

Nowadays, barbarians have to put up with living in the neighborhood with other races, however, the traditions of these warriors emphasize their indisputable superiority, so they will always struggle for domination.
Besides, barbarians are the only faction able to resist magical spells.

it is only well known that the separation of dark elves from the main elvish race stem occurred a long time ago
so such qualities as self-confidence and love for intrigues are inherent in players of this faction.

The demon faction is hostile towards everything that lives.
Once this faction has already managed to occupy large territories of the Empire,

Last, but not least, call it race, racial, faction or factional, it matters not! Weather we have a United Nations or not, it matters not!...
Even if it is legal to be ruthless and to go bulldozing in other people's game, post #34 by Kotrin describes best my feelings and attitude about this:

Setting up a battle with such restrictions is lame, and joining it despite these restrictions is rude.
I thank thee for all your inputs and opinions. I think it was fun to bring this issue in a slightly allegorical and parody form... :) (thanks also to the mods for showing maturity by sensing the parody, and not locking the thread up at first glance, as so many screamed up for)

And like everything that looks fun, if it lasts too long it becomes stale (hint hint hint to somebody...).

That's all I had to say, and I will close the thread 72 hours after the last message posted.
See? What did I tell you guys about this?

a childishly immature cry for attention.

Quit posting here and try not to give him any more of it, please.
just join and dont mind if they wine you "didn't" see description.
How did the thread get to this point?...

It's simple, battle descriptions are not a MUST to be followed (merely a courtesy). No matter what they say, you're free to join in any battles as any faction with as much ap as you want.

But there are some clans that take battle etiquette seriously, so if you're a member of such a clan than just ignore such battles.

And as amusing as this thread was at first, this is getting slightly ridiculous now.
Combat description is just a request not obligation. And thus transgressing the combat description is not a violation of game rules.

get dat into yer head its his wish if the person wannts wiz or not.... even if he says so, der aint no rule to say u gotta follow it
xD naviron you must be biggest cry baby on server... Just remembered how you cried anout 2nd minor tourney where you could not beat nobody(it was level 9 i think) and in the end 2 wizards were 1st. So conclucion on level 10 wizard is strongest pvp faction and even if barb is in gb there are no 3 barbs opposite and wiz will do great amount of damage... If somebody don t want wiz and play fair battle than why would you join and cry here? If somebody want unfair battle which gives him edge in that battle why did you not join? Maybe cause you don t understand faction strength hm? Comparing this game with rl is really laughable...
closed by Lord naviron (2010-10-07 10:59:50)
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