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[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2010-10-11 17:59:34 // All caps title Warning]
omg welcome back!

glad to see you AGAIN!

We are waiting for your coming

P.S: We are still survive out here

for naapa92: you spelled wrong its Arctic
O_O,thx God!!

I hope he isnt back to close the server though xP
Finally the parent of this server has come back
Yes it it has come for work to be arranged
The Father has returned.

Let's not put too much pressure on him though.

Just glad to see him around.

If you are reading this, Arctic, a warm welcome. :)
Now look what we you have done. We have chased him away ! haha..

Maybe he wants to stay incognito. Bet he must be stressed to log in here, with so much expectations on him..
good to see u again Arctic :)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAND he's offline again.
Maybe he just looked how we're doing :-) don't make yourself too much expectations ;-)
updates or close?
i hope events=)
Who is it?)) tell me please)

if you dont know who is him..please quit this game

hes online again!
Actually, it just got me thinking.

Some people have spent some decent amount of money in this game. I suggest we give to Arctic instead for all the work he has done for us.

He, more than anyone else, deserves our money. He is after all, the man behind almost all things that are good here. :)
Welcome back, it's good to see a friendly face again ^_^
Just make sure you don't scare him and he run away lol
Hail all.
Well first of all, wow, thanks for the warm welcome-back.

I have been summoned by our admins to do certain update work.
As before, it will be close to the current twin version on .ru, although not precisely same.

I am intending to stay around for as long as to make sure the updates are functional and bug-free =) Unfortunately, my current life-style does not allow me to enjoy these changes by actually joining the game afterwards (no offense to the No-Lifers Club clan for rejecting the invite :-P ).

Some work is already done, most is still ahead, I am hoping to bring the updates to you completely by the end of this week.
thx, Arctic
but plz, we dont need labor guild reform=))))
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